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  1. Hi here M42 taken last month. Not sure if I have the colour balance right so any advise is welcome.

    Taken using

    Ed 100 pro with focal reducer

    Canon 350d

    Guided using equinox 80 and phd

    25x240secs ISO 800

    jpg.gifThanks Dean


  2. Hi here is my M31 a stack of 162 frames taken this winter a bit late but have only just found the time to edit them.

    Thanks Dean

    Unmodded Canon 350d

    240 secs at ISO 800 and some early 30secs unguided at ISO 1600

    Equinox 80

    Heq5 Mount

    Guided using PHD and skywatcher 100ed



  3. Hi over the summer I reconditioned a telescope my father built 36 years ago and have now been thinking about mounting it on my HEQ5 mount.

    The reason for wanting to mount it on my HEQ5 is because it was built for lunar and planetary viewing so it has a long focal length and so I was wonder if I could have a go at some planetary imaging with it.

    I am thinking of buying some skywatcher tube rings and dove tail bar and a low profile focuser.

    The concerns I have are

    Will the mount take the weight of the scope?

    The limit of distance between the tube rings because of the truss.

    Here are some photos of the scope with measurements.

    Any advice would be great.

    Thanks Dean





  4. Hi just thought I would share an image of M42 I took last week.

    The image was taken last week just after it had snowed and the seeing was not good but thought it would be a good night to test things anyway.

    Thanks Dean

    Equinox 80

    Canon 350d

    CLS Filter

    Subs ISO 800

    32x120secs Stacked DSS

    Guided using PHD



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