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Status Updates posted by Aenima

  1. rain clouds more rain more clouds etc

  2. finally getting my grubby mits on a tv powermate - ready for Jupiter's return

  3. few clear hours early this evening here in south west :)

    1. WaveSoarer


      I was just nipped out to put the bins out for collection tomorrow and I noticed it was clear too. A bit late to get setup now sadly.

  4. Happy 'winter' to all stargazers on SGL :)

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    2. emadmoussa


      Best time of the year for astronomy...

    3. WaveSoarer


      Let's hope that we'll get decent clear skies.

    4. Aenima


      Amen to that :)

  5. rain

    1. Qualia
    2. Matt2011


      Too much rain, Want to be able to get out and observe!

    3. Aenima


      Actually got rained on twice, a gap appeared in clouds and i set up and soon as i had aligned it rained on everything :( i was stupid enough to do it again later the same night with similar results - doh!

  6. nice halloween look

  7. Being quite lost trying to process widefield - with a lens - images: hundreds of stars, serious vignetting and weird colour artifacts O.o

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    2. JB80


      Can you post a thread about it so people can have a look? Maybe we can help out a bit.

    3. Aenima


      Yeah, that could be a good plan, I have a few examples that could use a look by someone who knows their stuff.

    4. Aenima


      Oh well. Worth a try. :P

  8. Two ! Two meteors during the famous Perseids, blumming clouds :/

    1. spektrumdx8


      Managed to see 3 from my back garden with the missus- she's sitting there with a fag in her hand and suddenly screams wow!!,think it was her first and even with the clouds looming,it looked amazing !!!!

    2. Bungielad


      Iv seen a few but am heading back out after midnight, to blooming light where I am but gonna head for the local park.

    3. Aenima


      Yeah, managed to see several but it wasn't really a 'shower' even though from midnight on it was cloudless - 11th/12th - and last night was anything but clear. Still, Stayed up to see Perseids, Saw some Perseids can't complain :)

  9. ANOTHER clear night..? The weather is unusually generous right now. :)

  10. Sleeeeeeeeeeep

    1. Matt Scunthorpe

      Matt Scunthorpe

      Whats sleep? :D

    2. Daniel-K


      Sleep when your dead :)

    3. Daniel-K


      Sleep when your dead :)

  11. 3 hours to set up 1 and a half to get everything else done.

  12. That overwhelming compulsion to peel off my skin and wrap what's left in a morphine soaked band-aid. .......anyone? ...just me? Oh well. :P

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    2. Daniel-K


      ive been working i a factory all day thats like a green house has the compressor blowing air at me all day :)

    3. Aenima


      I would NOT like to add sunburn to the mix!

    4. nightfisher


      thought it was sunburn, whats happened?

  13. Clouds bleep bleep clouds

  14. Cedricthebrave sounds familiar, is a pratchett character or something?

  15. Adding a new piece to my signature, then watching the uk get trashed by storms. Sorry. :P

  16. i got blisters on my fingers!

  17. A perfect circle - judith (amazing song)

    1. Emperor315


      Love the name and Lateralus pic!

  18. realising the new year means its a different number in the goto handset. :D

  19. firmware goto problem

  20. Bleeping weather, whats new

  21. Yay clouds....

  22. Saturn. Cant wait for the ring planet to return, hopefully with clear sky to view it.

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    2. Aenima


      3 in the am is no trouble for the insomniacs like myself. I'm really hoping to be able to get an image this year.

    3. Daniel-K


      Looked good at 6 am yesterday nice and high

    4. nephilim


      Saw it briefly just b4 xmas, beautiful planet.

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