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  1. M57 spotted! Fantastic!

  2. Nice one! I was looking at this just a couple of hours ago. Fantastic site! Nice pic, too!
  3. Got to see M42 for the first time tonight!

    1. mareprah


      I remember my "first time" :) First views of M42 and Saturn will always stay in my mind!!

  4. Hi All, My parents picked up a Telrad Finder for me as part of Christmas. My first chance to use it should be tomorrow night! My only concern is balancing the telescope properly while the, very long, Telrad Finder mount in on the scope. Has anyone had any issues with this? My fear is that with my mirror, eyepiece and finder, I will need to slide the scope fairly high through the tube rings and I'm worried I wont have enough room with the Telrad mount being stuck there. I'm using the Sky-Watcher EVOSTAR 90. Does anyone have any info that could help with this?
  5. Hey Brighton Belle, do you know how far north you have to be? I am in Kilmarnock but struggling to find any info on this. Cheers Adam
  6. Horses for courses I guess. Suppose the same applies to any hobby. To clarify though, I wasn't implying there is a right or wrong way to enjoy astronomy. Just that I get a huge thrill out of using the sky as my map to locate objects.
  7. That's pretty impressive! YOu must know the sky like the back of your hand! :-)
  8. Hi All, I was in my little garden tonight looking to spot M31 or M15 before the clouds came in. As you can see from my sig, I have a very basic, ameteur setup. I decided to target M31 first - so I located Cassiopeia, followed an imaginary line one of the points make down to the Andromeda constellation. I then found the middle star along the bottom (her hip I suppose), hopped up to her other hip, moved up and a little to the right and knew I was in the correct region. I scanned this area for a short while until BAM! The hazy smudge I was looking for was in my field of vision! What a buzz!! Obvi
  9. I love thinking about these sorts of things. I was looking at M31 - Andromeda - just an hour or so ago and thinking about how Homo habilis were walking the Earth when the light hitting my eye, left Andromeda. "All we ever see of stars are their old photographs" - Dr. Manhattan/Alan Moore
  10. Hi All I am using an EQ2 mount and while I am comfortable polar aligning my scope, I dont feel comfortable finding objects using the axes to find objects. Given the failrly poor setting circles on the mount, I am not using them. Does anyone have any good advice for getting used to these axes? Do most people use them? Using the AZ and ALT axes seems clumsy. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Adam
  11. It's going to be clear here, too. Im going for M31, M15 and M57 tonight :-) I'll be happy if a tag one!!
  12. I had the same thing last night but luckily the clouds were passing as quickly as they were arriving. Can't see a single thing tonight though!
  13. absolutely stunning! Tried to find these two last night but I wasn't able to. Wasn't great conditions though and my first attempt
  14. Stunning image, man. Really good.
  15. Great idea! I'm sure we all remember how daunting it can be when trying to pick your first telescope. Being fairly new to Astronomy, I think I would find the list pretty intimidating and possibly off-putting. So I think a more refined list would be ideal.
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