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  1. Hi This is my first attempt at using the webcam. The image below is the final version after stacking ans sharpening in PS. Any advice for getting better images on my next attempt would be gratefully welcomed Cheers Arran
  2. Thanks for the replies. I did process the avi's and got these stacked images. Couldn't do much with it afterwards that made it look any better though. But hey we all have to start somewhere
  3. Ah didnt consider it was the webcam. I am using the SPC900. Cheers
  4. Hi I have just started imaging and when I put my 2x barlow in with the webcam I noticed 2 spots on the display. Thinking this was something on the barlow I switched to another barlow and they were still there! Is this a problem with mess on the mirror? Is this something I can sort of myself? Thanks Arran
  5. Hi These 2 images are single frames from avis I took. From seeing the single frames here, can you tell me if the avis I took were acceptable? Should I be able to process these to make a reasonable image, or should I have better settings on my webcam to take much better avis? Thanks for any advice Arran
  6. Aza

    Hi from Chatham

    Thanks guys Dave - I actually live in the Historic Dockyard, its a tourist area now but there is a small residential area too.
  7. Thats good to know, thanks. My problem was in thinking the clutches should not be locked down. I assumed that would be destroying the motors! Cheers
  8. Hi Yesterday I got my first motorised mount and have a question. When I balance the scope I do so by rotating until the OTA and rod are horizontal, and everything seems balanced. However when I return it back to the 'normal' position it will not stay in that position with the lock knobs unlocked. So i am a bit confused as I guess the lock knobs should be off when the scope is using its motors. Is this just because I have poorly balanced the scope? Or is it not possible for it to be balanced in all positions? Curious about this because I am wondering what to do on my first night out with the scope as I intend to start off with a tour. Thanks for reading Arran
  9. Aza

    Hi from Chatham

    Hi everyone I have been reading this forum for quite sometime and have found it a great help! My telescope is a Skywatcher 200p and I have just upgraded to an EQ6 Pro mount, so expect a few questions once I have made this post My other main interest is urban art, which I first got into when buying a Banksy print, well before he became as famous as he is now! Fortunatley this turned out to be a great investment Thanks Arran
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