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  1. Hey all I sold all my gear ten years ago but recently I got the itch again, however I don't have the inclination to buy all the equipment again and get frustrated capturing images. So I decided to download some data and get the trial of PixInsight, to dip my toes back in the water. If things go well I may get into an astro imaging group for my data needs. So this my attempt at some high quality data. I've processed this image about 4 times now, with this being the best version so far. Having only been using PixInsight for a few weeks, I've remembered how hard processing actually is. Although each attempt is getting better, thanks to learning and trying a few more processes. So anyway this is data collected by Martin Pugh: Capture Details: Apogee U16M Planewave CDK 17 Sierra Remote Observatories L 600s x 39 R 900s x 13 G 900s x 14 B 900s x 21 Ha 1200s x 32 SBIG STXL11002 with AO-X Planewave CDK 17 Heaven’s Mirror Observatory L 900s x 47 Total time : 41 hours Here is Martin's processing of the data, which is handy to give me something to aim for: https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap150502.html And here is my attempt:
  2. Cheers Nadeem Will hopefully get all this working with an OAG now...tired of all the flex with using a guidescope.
  3. Thanks again Ken. I may not even need the flattener with the fairly small size of the Atik chip. I guess its just gonna be a case of trial and error
  4. Thanks for the offer Ken I have just gone ahead and ordered one. Thanks for all the help, hope you dont mind the questions, but here is another one Where in the optical train would you put the OAG, in relation to the imaging camer, filter whee and williams reducer? I am sure this will be more obvious once I see all the gear. Thanks for the link blueastra I shall take a look now.
  5. Cheers Ken, I think I shall just bite the bullet and go for it then
  6. Thanks Ken How will I be able to find out if a QHY5 will work as the OAG in this set up? Seems a bit crazy to buy an OAG in the hope it will work, but I cant find any literature to work things out.
  7. Thanks Ken. This is all a bit complicated to me Would be nice if there was a site that broke down all the info of sizes with various set ups. As it is I just dont know what I need, or even if its possible with my set up.
  8. Ken.... I have an Atik 314L in use with a WO72. However I will need a 50mm extension tube to gain focus. Do you kknow if using the Atik OAG will eliminate the need for the extension tube? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone Been awhile since I have been out with the scopes (6 months!!) I have just tried my Atik 314 with the WO72 for the first time and with the focuser all the way out, I couldnt reach focus Does anyone have any experience with this set up? What would I need to remedy this? Also I am hoping to get an Atik OAG just wondering what would the optical train set up be? I have Atik 314, electric filter wheel, Williams reducer and then an OAG. Can these all just simply be put together along with the extension tube? Is there a certain order I need to put them in? Any help would be gratefully recieved Cheers Arran
  10. Lovely image! You can use mediafire.com to share large files
  11. I agree with TJ. Check this thread of mine: http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-deep-sky/73250-heart-nebula-ha.html I think the Bubble is as bright as the very brightest part of the Heart. So it is not fair to compare the two targets. Same error I had
  12. Hi John Try this file I uploaded for you. pacman_Ha_23x15mins_unprocessed.fit Its the Pacman Nebula, 23x15 minutes of Ha taken with my Atik 314L+. I used Photoshop to open and process the FITS file. Here is my processed version. Atik 314L+ - Astro Photography by Arran Hill- powered by SmugMug
  13. New filter looks much better Mike. Steve I dont think you have anything to worry about!
  14. When I used my DSLR for Ha, I would do the stacking and THEN discard the blue and green channels in Photoshop.
  15. Although to be fair, they are not as bad as they were before
  16. Fingers crossed for you! I had some replacements sent to me, however I still got halos. This image was with the new filters:
  17. Expert processors can probably drag the same image from a light polluted site. For me though I got a better result with 70 mins of data from a dark site, compared to 14 hours of data from my light polluted home! That was enough for me to give up on colour imaging from home. I only do narrowband at home now, and travel elsewhere for my colour images.
  18. I use Nebulosity to capture shots with my 400D. And any focussing is done with the Bahtinov mask...couldnt do without it
  19. Narrowband cuts out the LP. But LRGB suffers from light pollution, although an LP filter will help (just like with DSLRs)
  20. Aza


    A fine start. More subs will really make this image shine.
  21. Here are two comparison tests I did. One is about light pollution, the other about signal to noise with longer exposures. Comparison Tests - Astro Photography by Arran Hill- powered by SmugMug (you should view the images at original size to see the full comparison)
  22. Thanks for the info Nick. Sounds like a great set up
  23. Nice crab! Can these also run the camera (Atik 314L)?
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