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Hi people, haven't really been posting lately... anyway as you may have already noticed, I now own a new scope, which is easy to use!! UPDATE ON SCHOOL RESULTS:: Maths: 154/159, 95%, 5th highest in my year group (highest MALE score though :p) Science:: Biology: 48/50, A* Chemistry: 44/50, A (1 mark off A* :mad::mad:) Physics: 43/50, A (2 marks off A* :mad::mad::mad:) Thats all for now folks, A level Italian mid-may, and about 1 million more exams at the end of may and end of june :icon_eek::icon



The next two years of my life.........

.............will be doing (here we go) : AS & A2 Italian (A-Level Italian [got an A* in my GCSE]) French GCSE R.E. GCSE English & English Literature GCSE Maths GCSE History GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSEs I.C.T. GCSE P.E. (not GCSE) And thats it!! I'm in Year 10 now (11 years of school...I need a break :p!!). For those of you who are wondering, I only did Italian because my mum is Italian, so I'm bilingual. (Although I speak French, English, Italian, German, words of Spanish a



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