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  1. 22 minutes ago, Ken82 said:

    Yes definitely drunk on vodka 😂

    It was a small gathering near Ashbourne, Derbyshire. 

    I remember looking through your 22” dob and 13 ethos and thinking my god that is photographic ! We were looking at M51 and to me it is still the best view Of 51 I’ve seen ! 

    Ahhh....you have me mistaken for Damian (mapstar) ...yes he likes the 13..IMG_1921.thumb.JPG.0b5b5410bc6a82bce76c65dc9183e905.JPG

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  2. On 26/10/2014 at 18:59, swamp thing said:

    The date of the murder of my 31mm T5 Nagler was Friday the 24th of October. The place, the SWSP. The perpetrator of this heinous crime against eyepieces was a certain 21mm Ethos. 

    I had been quite happy observing the veil with my beloved Nagler and O-III filter in my 20" Dob when a person who will remain nameless (CALVIN AKA ESTWING :D ) came wandering  over all innocently holding an eyepiece in his hand. He smiled knowingly and asked if I'd like to try his 21mm Ethos on the veil. I didn't see the danger and foolishly agreed to put his harmless looking piece of glass in my Dob. Calvin said very little as I went about removing the O-III filter from my Nagler, and he even helped me fit it on his Ethos. I popped it in the focuser and BANG  :eek:. This wasn't in the script, my jaw fell limp, hitting the floor with a decided thump. The Nagler  had just been handed a severe body blow and was reeling from the shock. 

    Now, I've called the view with the 31mm Nagler and O-III photographic, and I will say the views through the Ethos aren't photographic....... Put simply, they're better. You are there, in space with the veil spread out in front of you. It gives the  same incredible detail as I have seen  in my 20mm Nagler but on a scale you have to see to believe. Its shocking how good this object looks. 

    His job nearly done Calvin took his ethos away, and my Nagler breathed a heavy sigh of relief, as I carried on observing some other objects and recovering from the shock of what just happened. Little did I know he would be back.......

    M42 cleared the trees and made its way up into the sky. I could hear it gently calling out for the 20" Dobs first look at it. I was swinging the Dob into position when who should appear......Yeah Calvin with his ethos. "Wanna try this again?" he laughed. Foolishly I agreed.

    We screwed a UHC filter in, and I popped it in the focuser. Errr.......err......err Dunno what to say. Ive been observing a long time and nothing prepared me for this view. I can't even begin to describe the detail, the giant field of the ethos is alight with glowing gas. You can not only actually see where the trapezium stars are blowing the gas away from around them but it feels like you could fall in there. Its the sheer scale the ethos and the 3D effect it gives that is mind blowing. Trying other eyepieces was pointless the 31mm was stone dead. The comparison was a no brainer. The 21mm ethos had murdered it.

    We even tried Cals 13mm ethos......nah. that went straight back in the case, relegated as not even worthy of taking on the big 21mm here. In my 20" Dob the 21mm ethos would quite simply murder any eyepiece on these objects. As my mind starts to now wander as to what it could achieve on objects like the Omega, the Lagoon and others, I believe the big Nagler is finished.

    My 31mm T5 now sits cold and dead in my eyepiece case. Terminated.

    Old..but gold..this was in a 20" tho...

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  3. 2 hours ago, PeterW said:

    Great to see people getting out to dark skies! Such a shame the coffee couldn’t have given you a crack at the Cone... hope you won’t have to wait long for another outing.


    Damian..(mapstar)..had a crack at the cone but reported that hardly any of the surrounding nebula was visible 

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  4. After a 5hr drive to the site ( leaving the cloud and rain behind in the Lake District) I set-up quickly with the promise of a clear night ahead...rare for me in Scotland!!

    Dew heaters on ,kettle on, 21mm Ethos in..ready. First up I just had to look at Jupiter, Saturn and Mars..Jupiter wasn't showing much detail and Saturn was only slightly better but tbh its always a better view than Jupiter!. Mars ( star of the show) was too bright for viewing without a filter..so on to the Witches Broom.

    Not a massive difference between the filtered and unfiltered view, not dissapointing, just not spectacular. Hoping towards M57 and upping the power to the 8mm Ethos the target looked fuzzy!...not the best sky conditions but a clear sky doesn't always mean a good sky.

    Swinging round to M31 the dust lane and extent of the object was impressive...you do kinda forget how big it is until viewed in dark skies!.

    Following down Kembles cascade to seek out NGC 1501 in Camelopardalis. I picked up this target from O'Mearas Hidden treasures Number 22.

    The Blue oyster nebula is a mag 11.5 planetry nebula that's pretty bright, smallish pale blue object and the 13mm ethos at x157 showed a pin cushion viewed from above sight...nice catch! M33 had two main spirals along with inner detail that was pleasing. Next up was M77 in Cetus, bright core but lacking in spiral action...hmmm..not really a great galaxy night as confirmed by Mapstar who was struggling to track down a galaxy in Auriga. NGC 1074 and 1055 bagged but not memorable yet NGC 891 was good with the dark lane shown with ease..but then again it's huge!.

    Popping over to Perseus NGC 1003 was just a fuzz...coffee time and a bowl of soup later I sneeked a peek at M1 and to my suprise the unfiltered view in the 21E was good with inner structure ..i spent time on this as it wasn't half bad!. Orion was rising but at this point of the night the stars started to twinkle more and more ..on to M42.

    Normal showcase view even low down!..but the Cone nebula would be rising soon so another coffee was needed to boost me into the wee small hours...choccy bar and i sat down ....mistake...i woke up with a jolt and coffee running down my leg....i was shattered and decided to call it a night as the drive up had taken more out of me than i thought....drat.

    Friday night was a waiting game as a clear patch of sky was moving in from the west.. but never moved far enough to reveal more the jupiter and saturn....only triumph was the capture of M17 in Sagittarius and M18 just to the side...by 10pm it was game over, shame but at least i had a taste of the dark skies of Galloway....and dark they are!.....clear skies everyone.


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