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  1. Hi Folks, Its Tuesday Morning....... Well, we have just endured a terrible night with gale force winds and some rain. The BBC Weather did not forecast anything like what we have been through, 2 guy ropes on my scope tent have been simply ripped off. I have tied them around the poles for now. I was awake at 02:10 am and again 05:20 am being heavily buffeted by the wind. Had a similar experience at the recent Star Party on the Isle of Man. Tent survived both winds and no pegs ripped out of the ground. The fish man should be along any minute. Must have breakfast and walk Bud. All the best for now. Adrian
  2. Hi Folks, Hope that Annette's mum improves and returns home from hospital soon. There will be no stargazing tonight because of the drizzle and showers. The wind has got up over the last two hours. I think the wind speed is between 15 and 20 mph. The temperature is moderate and not as cold as last night. Tomorrow's forecast is for cloudy skies. Phil has arrived safe and sound. I am having an early night. The fish man arrives at 08:30 am Tuesday morning. All the best Adrian
  3. Hi Folks... Monday Night Report........ short..... It is raining outside.... complete cloud cover.....unlikely to see anything tonight but wait.... I'll watch Sky TV. Bournemouth v Crystal Palace and they are in the tunnel.... Will check the weather later. All the best Adrian
  4. Hi Paul, Pitch 1 is the nearest to all the facilities with the exception of Mike's static van. Jamie and Dawn are parked up by the middle hedge but as befitting such nice people they are first in line. To get here from the A75.... follow the road to Newton Stewart, at the roundabout in Newton Stewart take the first exit to Wigtown. A714. Just before Wigtown there is a right hand turn to Bladnoch, with the Drumroamin Camp notice on the grass verge on the left. Follow this road until you get to the distillery, go straight on over the bridge, and follow the A746 to Kirkinner. Go through Kirkinner until there is a fork in the road, stay left and you will come to a Give Way sign, go straight on towards Garliston, after half a mile there is a woods on your right, take the left hand turn and follow the one track metalled road down to the campsite. I don't trust Google Maps, trying to go south from the IoM ferry in Liverpool and Google Maps tried taking me to Southport...... Have a safe journey. Adrian PS if you miss the turning for Bladnock go into Wigtown, turn right at the t-junction drive past the co-op and take the first left turn to Kirkinner.
  5. Hi Paul Lesley told me this morning that she couldn’t find your booking because she didn’t have her glasses on Only when you mentioned star party did she remember I think she has you allocated to pitch 1. All the best Adrian
  6. Hi Paul Down at the hide not much happening as the tide is fully out Some gulls about 1 moorhen and shell ducks about 600 to 700 yards away Extremely peaceful, normally there are oystercatchers and little egrets around I cannot see the snipe nor the kingfisher that are usually here There must 100 gulls in each of two groups Cheers Adrian
  7. Hi Dereck I am thinking of buying a 10 Micron but waiting for better clear skies at home Most nights down south have been high cloud cover Cloudy here at present cheers Adrian
  8. Hi Folks, Well its Monday morning and none of here have to go to work...... The clouds came in at around 23:00 hours and left us with no alternative but to retire to Mike's static van. Mike and Jamie then proceeded to assemble some new cables. Sausages were put in the oven. I went back to my tent to get my camera and write last night's report. I returned to Mike's van where upon we had coffee and sausage buns. By midnight the skies were stating to clear, I got my camera out and took some handheld shots of the Moon at 00:32 am. Handheld I hear query, impossible someone said..... well as you see it is possible with an Olympus OMD E-1 mkii with a Panasonic Leica 100-400mm lens. Because it is a micro four thirds mirrorless camera with awesome stabilisation built in and it really works as you can. So its Monday morning.... The Sun was seen rising over the Lake District and the outlines of the mountains there were also visible. Went for a walk in the woods with Lesley and Bud. A fair few trees have been blown over in the recent high winds. It has clouded over since earlier and I am thinking of going birdwatching on Wigton Bay. It appears that it will be cloudy for the rest of the day and the possibility of rain tonight, gives us an eligible excuse for a Whiskey tasting. It is reasonable mild with no wind at present. Have a nice day. Adrian
  9. Hi Folks, This is the Last Report for this Sunday.... We have had clear skies for the last 4 to 5 hours, the wind is now 0 mph. The Moon has come up over the hill opposite and appeared to be rolling along the hill at one stage. The constellations are wonderfully clear and have viewed a number of Messier objects as well. The cloud appears to be returning at present so I better get outside and take a shot of the Moon. If I manage to get a shot I might post it on here tomorrow morning. Forgot to mention but the Milky Way looks good. Few planes have flown across. Good Night. Adrian
  10. Hi Paul, The hide at Wigton Bay is a drive from Drumroamin campsite, we park the car and walk about 100 yards along the side of the river. It is a well set out hide with glass windows and a lot of seating. Only we need to establish the tides as the path can get flooded in very high tides. I will put the final bit of travel onto the thread tomorrow. There should be people here to help with the erection of your tent. There is a good facilities room which we use on the wet, windy etc nights for Whiskey Tasting sessions....... Over the years we are now quite expert in this sporting event! All the Best Adrian
  11. Hi Paul You and the family will enjoy the Star Party There are plenty of trips in the area which make a good day out. If you are interested in birds then we can go to the hide in Wigtown Bay Anyway have a safe trip here If you require directions for the last bit of the trip just let us know Cheers Adrian
  12. Hi Folks, The Sunday Evening Report... It is 20:00 and it is only 6C outside with a stiff breeze blowing and it feels freezing! (the wind has dropped down from this afternoon) I am still in my shorts but will be changing into some warmer clothes in a few minutes. The sky at present is all clear, with some clouds low down on the horizon but a perfect sky for viewing. It should be striking by 22:00. I have been down to the Harbour Inn in Garliston for the Sunday roast and rhubarb crumble with ice cream plus a pint of Guinness for £17.20. Down South I pay £23.00 for the same on a Sunday. Jamie is doing polar alignment with his polemaster at present, no stars visible yet. Trust we get these clear skies every night. To all those travelling have a safe trip. Cheers Adrian
  13. Hi Kenny, I think you will find it hard to leave the cue at home....... Bring plenty of warm clothing. Have a safe trip. Cheers Adrian
  14. Hi Folks.... Its Sunday Lunch Time report..... We had bright sunshine at 12:15 and looking great, the hills opposite were crystal clear but dark storm clouds in the northwest, within the space of 15 minutes everything changed, we have just had a nice heavy shower, but it is not looking as menacing has five minutes ago. Life is really wonderfully here, went with Lesley and Bud the dog for a short walk this morning. Been to Newton Stewart for food supplies. It was raining there and could not see the hills from the Wigton road. Listening to the Ryder Cup, must see if I can get it on Sky TV. All the best. Adrian
  15. Hi Folks..... The Sunday 08:30am Report. The Premier crew are up and moving about. The grass is really beautiful and green. Well Done to Lesley and Ralph. Back to the Scottish Summer Weather...... it is overcast with about 5% clear blue skies. The clouds are down on the tops of the hills on the other side of Wigton Bay. Slight breeze to blow the cobwebs away. The BBC Weather for Bladnoch is rain until 11:00am and dropping % after that....sunny afternoon, (reminds me of the Kinks) and partial clear skies tonight. The BBC predicting clear skies from 23:00 hours onwards. Waiting for Lesley to let me know what time we are taking Bud for a walk in the woods. Just finishing breakfast and looking forward to the Sunday Roast at the Harbour Inn in Garlieston. O for the wonders of the Galloway Autumn Star Party, Scotland's Finest. Cheers Adrian
  16. The 23:00 update well there is moisture in the air...... fully clouded over for now expect one star visible high in the southwest as I was up at 05:15 am this morning and travelled 420 miles caused by unfriendly road closures I am feeling tired and turning in for the night All the best Adrian
  17. Hi. David The Premier crew are here...... Mike, Jim, .Dawn and yours truly.... The wind is blowing s wee bit but nothing to worry about. We were viewing Mars about 40 minutes back and some of the stars of Herucules were now you see now you don’t . Weather reasonable still in shorts and evaluating a glass or two of Highland Park 12 year old may keep some for you There are no midges here as Dawn’s new dog Abbey has eaten them all As per usual I am on pitch 19 Tent erection crew on standby Kenny coming later in the week so safe to play Pool before then! i better go and see what is happening cheers Adrian
  18. Hi Julian, I am sorry to hear that you cannot make it. I was hoping that your tent etc would act as a windbreak in the unlikely event of a gale. See you early March. Best Wishes Adrian
  19. Hi Ian, It was a great Saturday night with brilliantly clear skies, the best we had and everyone was on a high on the Sunday morning, then..... on Sunday evening about 18:00 the wind got up, rain, wind and by 22:00 it was blowing a gale.... I was up two or three times during the night to check that I was still anchored to the campsite. The tent was soaking wet, I hung it up to dry in one of Lesley's sheds, cancelled going home Monday and instead went home Tuesday. It was a memorable Star Party..... We had very strong winds in March 2018 on the day Dai arrived..... his tent trespassed into the field next to the site when we attempted to erect it!!! But we will have clear skies. All the best. Adrian
  20. Hi Ian, Hadyn and Christina recommend that you bring a large selection of malts. I am bringing a bottle of Highland Park or two, Glenmorangie, and Famous Grouse to wash by teeth!!!! Yes, tents need to be strong to survive the light 40 to 50 mph breezes that occur near Wigton Bay. We had clear skies over Douglas last night, hoping to capture those clear skies for Galloway. I am leaving here this afternoon for the Big Island and a 200 mile trip to Watford. See you in a fortnight. Cheers Adrian
  21. Hi Ian, Hadyn and Christina send their best wishes and will make it Galloway in March 2019. I have had all the cobwebs blown off me today with the high winds, Good job the Isle of Man Star Party was last weekend....... See you in Galloway Cheers Adrian
  22. Hi Mike, This is coming from the centre of Douglas on the Isle of Man. all ferries to the mainland have been cancelled for this Wednesday, so I have had a wonderful tour of the island from Hadyn. It was so windy in places that when I was taking a photo I had to wrap my foot around a pole. Hopefully no dog [removed word] against the pole. Looking forward to a sea crossing to Liverpool tomorrow afternoon when the seas may have calmed down. The IoM is really a wonderful place, definitely worth the effort to get here. Got eight days at home before driving up to Galloway. See you there Cheers Adrian
  23. Hi David, Great checklist for a first timer, but fails miserably for us old timers.... no mention of essentials.... whiskey.... Pool skills.... Pie Eating skills and of course Jaffa cakes Can you make it this time as I and others would love to meet up with you again. What fun you cause around the place..... Cheers Adrian
  24. Hi Hadyn and Mark, Well done lads, the Isle of Man Star Party, the brilliant organisation was a delight to watch work out. They had a big marque and catered for adults and the little ones. They had a great display of sky related subjects, demonstrations of waves and another of objects orbiting in a gravity well by Graham. They also organised for a catering company to do breakfast and evenings meals. It was a pity that the weather was not as good as one would expect in the middle of September on the Isle of Man. We had very high winds on Saturday night, but we all managed to survive. Last night, Sunday, the seeing was good, it is a very dark site in the village of Ballough. The campsite was only a 5 minutes walk from the local pub called The Raven, with Guinness on tap. I had an excellent Sunday roast there. I am staying on the island as a squatter for a few days, then going home on Thursday weather permitting. A big thanks goes out to all those involved on running such a wonderful event. All the very best, Cheers Adrian
  25. Hi Mike, I have been booked in to Galloway Autumn Star Party since March 2018, so Lesley informed me this morning........... I have just finished the Isle of Man Star Party, the organisation was brilliantly achieved by Hadyn and his friend Mark. They had a big marque and catered for adults and the little ones. We had very high winds on Saturday night and two members had trouble with their tents, wind damage on one and driving rain on the other. Last night, Sunday, the seeing was good, it is a very dark site in the village of Ballough. The TT Races go through the village at speed. I went bird and bat watching on the cloudy nights (Friday and Saturday) to the Raven pub in the village, had an excellent Sunday roast there on a par with the Harbour Inn in Garlieston. I am staying at Hadyn's for a few days, then going home on Thursday weather permitting. Then, I have a whole week before setting out on the 400 mile trip to Galloway. I hope to see you there, with Ian ( the Pie Champion ) Hadyn and Christina are off to the SGL Party at Lucsall in Hereford. All the very best, ( I have my Highland Park already in the car.) Cheers Adrian
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