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  1. Back home yesterday after another fantastic SGL party. Third for me and first for my boyfriend. We thoroughly enjoyed it, the curry night, the hogroast and the clear sky. Autumn in Hereford is colourful and stunning, too. We didn't bring our scopes this year but wondered around the field on Sat night and had a lot to look at thanks to all the generous people around. The views from big scopes were truly amazing and breath-taking... Already looking forward to the next event, and hope to see a lot of big Dobs again! Oh....I forgot to mention Kyan the cat! @cjdawson She's absolute
  2. Really??? a REAL kitten?? WOW.... Can I come and pat her please! In return I'll offer my boyfriend's arm as her scratching board for the night!
  3. miafey

    SGL 12 Pictures

    Back home now. Started the most challenging part of camping - drying my tent!! Weather was disappointing but it's my second time camping (and second SGL) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Friday night curry and Sat night hogroast as good as ever, new friends made. Third time's a charm so looking forward to the next one! @Uranium235 Thanks for helping me setting up my tent Say hello to James for me please. @hobbes @jaygpoo It was a great pleasure chatting with you guys on Sat and hope to see you next time. @hobbes I just realised we were only three tents away!
  4. AHHHHHHHHH too late to sign up I may need to find a way to sneak in....
  5. miafey

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    I'm back home now from my first camping & star party!! It was brilliant, even though the sky was cloudy... I did manage to see the moon last night through my scope for like 30 seconds and as soon as I switched my laptop on the cloud took over again.... I know... I need a new laptop!! Everyone there was ever so friendly and the hogroast (and the potato salad) was the best I've ever had. Special thanks to two gentlemen who helped me putting up my tent! (I know one is Tich, never got the name of the other gentlman though he was just two tents away from me - sorry!) And to Andrian who hel
  6. miafey

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    Help! Does anyone know a shop on the way from Bristol to Lucksall where I would be lucky enough to be able to buy a EQDIR cable please? Can't find mine (Or anyone has a spare one which I could borrow/buy...)
  7. Galaxy and video astronomy for me please! Mia
  8. miafey

    SGLXI Pitches

    oooooooops....is it already that bad..... Fingers crossed for weekend!
  9. 4 days to go before SGL XI - my first ever star party!!

  10. All good advice - I now know what's missing from my checklist - Jeffa Cakes!!
  11. Hi Mia,

    Trust you are getting ready for SGL 11....

    I am on Oaks pitch 117 if you need help with your tent.

    Have a safe trip



    1. miafey


      Hi Adrian, 

      Thanks for the message - I think I'm getting there!

      I've got the following ready:

      tent, groundsheet, fleece tent carpet, airbed, sleeping bag, electric heating blanket, main socket, lantern

      I'm getting the following:

      thermally reflective sheet for use indoors, red cellophane rolls for laptop screen and lantern, and perhaps a folding table if I have extra space in my car!!

      I'll bring a kettle with me so hopefully the entire setup will stay warm and cosy!!


      I've I have missed something important please let me know. I'm planning to get to the site by lunch time Friday and hope to see you there!



  12. 4 weeks without a clear night.....That's it for 2015!

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    2. baggywrinkle


      Saw the stars this morning but on my way to work....terrible couple of weeks.

    3. Drop Of Sun

      Drop Of Sun

      Hard luck, hope Jan is better for you. No luck here for four weeks either. There was one decent clear night but I couldn't do that night. 'Twas my one and only chance! Bit of lunar imaging is my only hope for Dec now!

    4. pipnina


      Haven't been deep sky observing since october 31st. Nearly got there late november but it clouded after 5 minutes of being there with terrible transparency.

  13. Well, I have my HEQ5 mount head in a maplins flight case as well but always have to worry whether the case is strong enough for it. It'll be good to get some foam cut-in as support. If anyone's interested, the Hi Gear Lugga Cargo 65 Holdall (available from gooutdoors at 29.99) is a good-sized bag for my AT 6'' RC scope (50*25*25). Mia
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