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Matt Smith

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    Caving, Scuba Diving, Amateur Radio - CSign: 2E0MDZ, Astronomy
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    Sheffield, UK
  1. Matt Smith

    Which 10x50 binoculars?

    you can get a pair of general purpose 10 x 50 bino's for around £30-£40 which would be perfectly suitable for astronomy......and keep the change.
  2. Matt Smith

    What is this constellation?

    ....the most "famous" open cluster in the sky
  3. Matt Smith

    Greetings from Sheffield

    Welcome to SGL.......from another Sheffield Astrophile
  4. Matt Smith

    Astronomy - Self Teaching Guide

    Astronomy is a journey with NO destination!.........it's what keeps it's magic alive. :)
  5. Matt Smith

    Calling Sheffield Astronomers

    The TARDIS can often be found at Low Edges in the South of Sheffield but as you say distance/time & space no problem.
  6. Folks: For the benefit of all astro-rookies considering the purchase of a green laser pen could the forum discuss the legal & stargazing implications on their use; in particular at a starparty.
  7. Matt Smith

    Telephone Patrick Moore?

    the ever entertaining congenial spirit of SPM.
  8. Matt Smith

    Space Snack Anyone?

    seconds are available!
  9. Matt Smith

    Clocks forward

    fixing what aint broke yet again - change the government not the clocks
  10. Matt Smith

    Rookie Astronomer

    Sorry for the late response - I have been on a galactic space ride the last couple of nights and just got back. A few teething problems with the TARDIS; hasn't been running up to full light speed for a few weeks so it's gone in for a service. Might be relegated to the workshop for the winter so free joy rides are likely out til new year. Welcome to you too also! Matt Smith
  11. Matt Smith

    Rookie Astronomer

    they were here last night but I was working! BAHHH! Welcome to you BTW!
  12. Matt Smith

    Rookie Astronomer

    Hi Faulksy Scope on order - I am paying upfront for it in instalments but it'll be with me soon, then my photos/reports will be on SGL also. Cheers for the welcome, Matt
  13. Folks: am new astronomer looking to rub shoulders with fellow astronomers in the Sheffield area. If you'd like to help a rookie out, make a new "astro friend" etc feel free to make contact anytime. Kind Regards, Matt
  14. Folks: am new astronomer looking to rub shoulders with astronomers in the sheffield area. If you'd like to help a rookie out, make a new astro friend etc feel free to make contact anytime. Kind Regards, Matt
  15. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DYjpcZPT1-NA&h=TAQE7_3H2AQFdnDptIRZKgVvhBGLcCNtCCj74UNBqVcgi8Q

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