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  1. I'm taking my boys camping on the moor from 19th to 21st. I'd have said hello. Sadly I have to work the weekend
  2. It just gets more amazing as you look at it. Those rocks that appear to have fallen from the cliffs into the valley, I wonder how slowly they fall in the tiny gravity the comet has. And will they have bounced around? It just lets your imagination run riot doesn't it.
  3. Oh no, I've sussed it already. It's sun light through the "valley".
  4. Wow that's nice. That white bit in the shadows looks like ice!? Surely not!
  5. Ah right, now I can't do that way. So it is down to the individual. Thanks for doing that Sly. Now both camps can see it
  6. I guess it depends on the individual. It works really well for me. Is parallel viewing the method where your left eye looks at the left image and your right eye the right image so your brain then combines them? That's the method I'm using.
  7. Sorry if this has already been posted but I just saw this pic on twitter and thought it was fab! It takes a bit of squinting but WOW!
  8. Wow fancy that! An SGLer in my very road! Jaffa007 of Juniper Way, are you there???
  9. There's a point! This is now yet another thread with mention of my mother-in-law!
  10. A lot of opticians will offer you a free trial. Why don't you give it a wirl? It's a bit like wearing a new wristwatch. At first your very aware of it and you constantly feel it. But after a few days you just forget all about it.
  11. Yeah Olly's not wrong. I have astigmatism and wear contacts that correct this. They work perfectly for me. And then there's the full naked eye view that isn't limited to your glasses frames. I love contacts
  12. This is clearly a very intelligent conversation so I'm going to apologise in advance if I seem a bit daft but I've always been confused about something involving expansion. It's this. We can see objects 13 billion light years away right? Well that means that light started it's journey 13 billion years ago right? Easy. But the thing that confuses me is that 13 billion years ago, even if the universe expanded at the speed of light, it would've only been about 750000 light years across.... So how do we see it 13 billion light years away?
  13. It's not as good as a lot of the stuff on here and to be honest I've over done the processing a bit, but I'm quite pleased with this Living in Bristol I've found that trying to get pictures of deep space is impossible due to the light pollution but good ol moony just shines right on through it all My moon.
  14. Paul, 3 AU is where it is in relation to Pluto now. It gets to within about 10000 Km. Close enough
  15. That's it! Off to download. Thanks David.
  16. Hmmm. Looks like I got something else to buy now! Ho hum. Lol
  17. How cool is that! They now have to work out the best place to try to land. In the last picture the comet seems to look like a boot to me. How cool would it be to land on what would be the top of the foot so they could see the view up the shin like a huge cliff.
  18. Unfortunately though, at the moment, my trusty ol Cannon is all I've got
  19. Ok so this is my first go at imaging the sun using a PST and a Cannon 1100d. Basically its just 12 pics that I've run through PIPP and then stacked with Registax6. I did take about 30 frames but Registax didn't seem to want to line them up properly, there was a big overlap. Actually i think the single frames seemed better than the stacked frame. Is there a setting I'm getting wrong? And is it better to take video or pictures? I assumed there would be more detail with a picture. Clearly there's an issue with the focus too. I just zoomed in on Liveview and tried to get the edge of the sun as crisp as I could but is there a better way of focusing? Advice please chaps. Dave.
  20. Yup, it's a great website. I've set that as my home screen on my phone browser. Every time I call up my browser I see how the sun is doing. And yes better than tv. Big Bother is on now. Stay in and watch people staying in, or see something out of this world?
  21. Did anyone else read this and think of the "Acme Portable Hole" from the Roadrunner?
  22. I've never looked through the Ethos but I do have the ES 14mm and it's a cracker. Might be worth considering.
  23. How do the colours come out with Astro Art? I always find things come out very grey with DSS.
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