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  1. Indeed sad news. I used to walk by their Dorking shop and pop in to look at their stock. Also went along to one of their newbie evenings. I believe that they recently moved to bigger premises which were further south. Maybe they lost the local walk in trade... Their buy-back and second hand sales were both value-add things that they did. Thanks FLO for flagging this and offering your support.
  2. I would prefer it if it could transport me and my scope to a place with clear skies! Now that would be something worth paying for... Nice one... Typed on a typewriter
  3. My wife swears by her Nespresso machine. Coffe capsules are cheaper than Starbucks. One reconmendation - always flush it through before every cup (or at least once a day) with a button press of hot water and no capsule... This has kept he machine clean and her coffee always tasting great... Ian
  4. If I had one, I would - it was a hypothetical question :-)
  5. I am missing the odd end cap, I am sure others are too... The 2” or 1.25” ends aren't a problem as they are a regular size, but the business ends can be very variable... Has any one thought about 3D printing replacements? Would they work? Would they be too stiff?
  6. Oddly, I recently moved about 3 miles as the crow flies in Surrey and the skies above my house are disticntly darker. I think it's purely due to the quantity and direction of the street and neighbours lights. I also have far less foliage and trees blocking my view... ...so no, didn't move for astronomy, but the viewing has greatly benefited as a result!
  7. Received mine today - thanks FLO. I wasn't really looking for another diagonal as I already have a WO 2" one, however I mainly use it on my ZS66 with a SCT adapter as it's the only real way I can achieve focus, this does however that it's not readily usable on my Lyra. So when the Opticron offer came into my inbox, I looked at the positive reviews and, with it being at such a good price, I thought it was worth getting one to use solely on the Lyra. My initial thoughts... - Build quality is very good, very solid, with an excellent finish. No grease, no burrs, no chips, no blemishes, etc - It comes with a 2" to 1.25" adapter that has a compression ring linked to an elongated knurled screw which doesn't foul on the diagonal itself and is easy to turn. - The diagonal itself is angled at the base of the male end, so won't slip out of your scope so easily. - The mirror looks as well as it can to the naked eye, with no blemishes or distortions that I can see. - Basically, it has everything you would expect in a diagonal costing much more. So far I'm not dissappointed, to me it compares very well with my WO diagonal. At this price I don't think you (or I) can go wrong. Best, Ian
  8. I inferred the same - someone getting greedy
  9. Talking about wife's watching, the lady (potentially the sellers wife/partner) in the picture looks pleased it was being eBayed...
  10. Thanks Merlin, that seems to be the same on mine - the inside bottle of the bottle cap has an extended area the goes into the eye end rubber shield. I wasn't sure if I that was just how it was with nothing missing. I can now sell and state that all parts are there.
  11. I was out watching until 1.30 whilst playing with my scopes and recent eyepiece purchases.... I was amazed at just how brightly some burned across the sky. One seemed to have two parallel trails close to each other. It actually made me wonder if it was a plane coming down!
  12. A quick question.... A Celestron zoom came as part of my WO66 purchase sometme ago, and I have always wondered whether it should have come with an eye end cap! It came with a 1.25" telescope end cap and a bottle (with a cap on the bottle). Can anyone confirm if this zoom eyepiece originally came with an eye end cap? Thanks...
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