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  1. Thanks - I think I have that exact eyepiece in my collection! I will have to give it a try. Has anyone had any success with using phone adapters/holders?
  2. Great picture. Can you tell me what eyepiece you used to achieve this? Whenever I offer my iPhone up to the eyepiece I never seem to be able to find the sweet spot. Do you have the eye shield folded down or not? Thanks,
  3. Morning all, Is it possible to test a drive on a mount without having a controller to see if the drive is working? I don’t want to spend time looking and throwing money at it if the drive is faulty! The drive is on a Vixen SP and has an 8-pin connector with a 1/120 gear ratio. See pics. Many thanks, Ian
  4. Thanks for posting, I recently picked up the same mount, with an old 6" reflector at an auction a month or so ago for £45 and am just starting to see how it works and whether it does everything it should. It came with the same tripod as yours as well; I note your tripod cross-support also has rust on it - I was wondering what I should do with that. Until seeing your post, I wasn't exactly sure what model mine is, however it looks exactly the same as yours, so i assume its a Vixen SP GEM also. I have stripped the telescope down and cleaned it - it was very dusty (probably sat in a barn/garage for some time. I have also partially disassembled the mount, but won't go too far with it. The RA worm screw shaft is a little bent, so I need to do something with that and it has an RA drive, however I don't have a controller so can't test it. The mount appears to move well on both axis. Hopefully it will work okay once I reassemble.
  5. Hi all, I picked up an old 6" reflector on a Vixen SP mount via an auction house recently, however it has a very unusual focuser that I haven't seen before. It appears to focus by manually moving the tube in and out, tightening the nylon screw then rotating the whole tube for fine adjustment. Can anyone tell me anything about it and how old it is likely to be? Possibly even what the reflector is? Manufacturer? I have stripped the whole scope down to clean it thoroughly. Many thanks in advance, Ian
  6. Hi all, Can anyone tell me what EQ mount this is (it looks fairly old) and any ideas on what weight it could carry? Many thank, Ian
  7. Indeed sad news. I used to walk by their Dorking shop and pop in to look at their stock. Also went along to one of their newbie evenings. I believe that they recently moved to bigger premises which were further south. Maybe they lost the local walk in trade... Their buy-back and second hand sales were both value-add things that they did. Thanks FLO for flagging this and offering your support.
  8. I would prefer it if it could transport me and my scope to a place with clear skies! Now that would be something worth paying for... Nice one... Typed on a typewriter
  9. My wife swears by her Nespresso machine. Coffe capsules are cheaper than Starbucks. One reconmendation - always flush it through before every cup (or at least once a day) with a button press of hot water and no capsule... This has kept he machine clean and her coffee always tasting great... Ian
  10. If I had one, I would - it was a hypothetical question :-)
  11. I am missing the odd end cap, I am sure others are too... The 2” or 1.25” ends aren't a problem as they are a regular size, but the business ends can be very variable... Has any one thought about 3D printing replacements? Would they work? Would they be too stiff?
  12. Oddly, I recently moved about 3 miles as the crow flies in Surrey and the skies above my house are disticntly darker. I think it's purely due to the quantity and direction of the street and neighbours lights. I also have far less foliage and trees blocking my view... ...so no, didn't move for astronomy, but the viewing has greatly benefited as a result!
  13. Received mine today - thanks FLO. I wasn't really looking for another diagonal as I already have a WO 2" one, however I mainly use it on my ZS66 with a SCT adapter as it's the only real way I can achieve focus, this does however that it's not readily usable on my Lyra. So when the Opticron offer came into my inbox, I looked at the positive reviews and, with it being at such a good price, I thought it was worth getting one to use solely on the Lyra. My initial thoughts... - Build quality is very good, very solid, with an excellent finish. No grease, no burrs, no chips, no blemishes, etc - It comes with a 2" to 1.25" adapter that has a compression ring linked to an elongated knurled screw which doesn't foul on the diagonal itself and is easy to turn. - The diagonal itself is angled at the base of the male end, so won't slip out of your scope so easily. - The mirror looks as well as it can to the naked eye, with no blemishes or distortions that I can see. - Basically, it has everything you would expect in a diagonal costing much more. So far I'm not dissappointed, to me it compares very well with my WO diagonal. At this price I don't think you (or I) can go wrong. Best, Ian
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