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    From the album: Jupiter Images

  2. I'm learning a lot on this thread ... fantastic!!! Hmmm ... I need to take longer videos ... mine are usually 60-90 seconds on average. Yes, I'm using a SPC 880 flashed to 900. The Barlows I have are the bog standard x2 SW ones supplied with the scope but I also have a x3 Tal Barlow. As I've got a spare Barlow, I've unscrewed the lens and use the tube as an extension tube. Do you think it is worth investing in an Ultima Barlow or perhaps a PowerMate? Cheers Pete
  3. Hi James, Wow ... fantastic image!!! Did you use any Barlows? Thanks for the SharpCap settings. I'll give them a go next time I'm out and about. Cheers Pete
  4. Do-ho ... there I go again having another senior moment. Thanks ... it's obvious when you think about it. I take it that the IR pass filter is like a normal screw in type. Cheers Pete
  5. Thanks very much for your replay. Just what I was looking for. Quick question about the mono camera ... you mentioned an infrared passing filter ... is that just an ordinary IR filter that you can screw into the nose piece of the camera? The 'shoot mono luminance' part ... is that controlled by the IC capture software? Sorry ... two questions there. Cheers Pete
  6. Hi Folks, I suspect this question has been asked a good few times ... and I've found a few answers ... but not really the answers that I'm looking for. My set up first ... I have a SW200p on a HEQ5 Pro mount. My main interest at the moment is imaging planets and the moon using my trusty Philips 880C web cam. What I'd really like to do is to capture better images (for better read sharper ... more details etc etc ... I know that better and sharper can equate to better collimation and seeing conditions ... but fancy spending some money). Been looking at the Image Source CCD cameras. i) Will I need a separate adapter to fit the camera onto the SW200p draw tube (1.25"). Will it also work with a SW150PL? ii) Will the IC Capture software run on Windows XP? iii) Is the difference between the DMK21AU04.AS camera and the DMK21AU618.AS camera just the chip vintage and sensitivity? Would the DMK21AU04.AS camera be an improvement over the web cam? iv) The mono camera is said to be 'better' then the equivalent colour camera (in terms of sensitivity) ... but how much better is the colour camera compared to the colour 880 web cam? Does anyone have any comparison image that they could show me? v) Can the avi files be processed in the same way using Registax as those produced using the web cam? I've probably have more questions as time goes by. Many thanks Pete
  7. Hi Robin, Yes, I'm using a webcam for the imaging (a flashed Phillips 880). Pete
  8. This [processed] image was taken on Saturday 3rd March about 9pm using a x2 Barlow plus an extension tube (SW x2 Barlow but without the actual lens). Captured using SharpCap and processed in Registax 6. Grabbing the images was a bit hit-n-miss due to the rolling cloud cover and the strong breeze. Only grabbed 3 videos then decided to pack up for the night. Bit frustrating. For some reason I always forget to use my x3 Tal Barlow ... argh!!! Pete
  9. Wow .... I'm using the exact same equipment even down to the x3 Tal Barlow and not getting anywhere near the fantastic image you have posted. Just awesome!!! Do you mind me asking was SharpCap settings you used? Thanks Pete
  10. Thanks for posting the link. The article is a very clear description on how to use Registax 6 ... fantastic. Pete
  11. Hi everyone Just wondering what settings in SharpCap I should be using when trying to image Mars. I had fun and games last night playing with different settings most of which came out pants. Just couldn't get a good image. Mind you, it was a bit cloudy and windy last night, so atmospheric conditions were playing a big part. Another thought ... is there a sticky somewhere which lists various SharpCap settings for planets and for the moon? Many thanks Pete PS: Did anyone see that amazing fireball in the sky last night, about 9.30ish heading south. Awesome sight.
  12. I have a SW 150PL ... blue body I bought the following EPs for my 150PL i) Tal x3 Barlow ii) Vixen 10mm EP iii) Long Eye Relief 15mm EP I'm still undecided which is the best EP (Vixen or LER) ... both are pretty good for me. If you are starting out, I would recommend buying a dual RA and DEC motor system for the 150PL. It's absolutely essential if you want to do any web cam imaging or even if you just want to do observing .. looking at one spot and not having to worry about constantly shifting the scope. Pete
  13. Thanks Stuart. Opps ... Well ... at least I knew the web cam last to be last in the queue. I'll give it a go and see what sort of results I can obtain. Thanks again. Cheers Pete
  14. Just found the spare SW x2 Barlow and have removed the lens so I'm already ready to go ... if and when the clouds clear. I'm assuming this is the order in which they would be inserted into the EP holder: 1: Extension tube (x2 Barlow without the lens) 2: x3 Barlow 3: Web Cam Thanks Pete
  15. Thanks Stuart. That's interesting about the extension tube. I happen to have a spare x2 Barlow ... somewhere. Does the extension tube have to be a certain length? Thanks Pete
  16. Thanks mate. I didn't think about piggy-backing the two Barlows together. This is spooky because your post coincided with me posting a question in the Equipment - Eyepieces section about a x5 Powermate and whether it was too much for my scope. Do you use a x5 with a 200p scope? Cheers Pete
  17. Hi everyone, I'm after a bit of advice. I have a SW200P (f5) and a SW150PL (f8) that I'm using for web cam imaging and am getting some pretty nice results (for me anyway) when I use a x2 or x3 Tal Barlow with the web cam. When I use the x3 Barlow I can get the image close to being in focus, but not perfect focus no matter how hard I try. I suspect that this may be down to atmospheric conditions and/or the collimation issues etc. My questions is ... am I approaching the magnification and/or focus limit of what I can reasonably expect from my scopes? Would using a bigger magnification Barlow, such as a x5 powermate actually result in better images (for better read more detail etc) or would be it a Barlow too far? I'm interested to hear what Barlow combinations people are using with the 200p and 150PL SW scopes. Many thanks Pete
  18. Thanks. Yes, I do have a Tal x3 Barlow. I had a go at using it but could get Mars into the FOV. With hind sight I think the focus was way out so I couldn't see it on the lap top screen ... if I had more time and more darkness then I might have seen it ... ah well I'm sure there will be other times. Cheers Pete
  19. Last night I hosted my very first ever Star Party, albeit an informal one with three other people (friend from work, his wife and son). It was a perfect evening ... chilly ... cold ... freezing ... but the sky was clear as a bell. Kick of time was about 8.30pm, so at 8pm I started to put the mount out in the garden. Tripod down ... all level ... attach mount and proceed with polar alignment. Dialled in the correct date and time and looked through the polar scope. No stars ... couldn't see anything. Sky still clear ... cap removed from the mount tube ... still couldn't see anything ... argh. Mount must be in the wrong position. Double checked the orientation using a compass ... everything was ok but still couldn't see anything (time was now 8.20pm ... stress levels beginning to rise). The penny finally dropped ... I hadn't rotated the DEC axis so that the hole was in line with the hole in the mount ... do-oh. Rotated the axis and polar aligned ... just as my star party guests turned up. I decided to leave it as it was to let them view Polaris through the polar scope. A while later I mounted the OTA on the mount and slewed it to the general position of Jupiter. All looking good ... in the excitement of the party I forgot to set the tracking on the handset. Then something really bizarre happened ... the SynScan handset froze ... literally ... no response from any keys. What was more bizarre was that the mount was commanding the OTA to rotate about the RA axis. Non of the keys would work, not even the Esc key ... argh ... it did a full 360 degrees before I decided to switch it off. Only one thing for it ... switch off and retire inside for a warm cuppa and some star party Fridge Cake. I went out a bit later, switched it on again ... and it was now working fine. Quickly got back on Jupiter and had a good session looking just at Jupiter and it's four moons, one of which was just visible to one side of Jupiter, at the 3 o'clock position. when viewed through the scope (the rest were aligned from top to bottom). Everyone had a good look ... I changed eye pieces and added a x2 Barlow. The bands were really crisp ... it certainly had a wow factor. Time for more impressive stuff ... I got out the laptop, plugged in the web cam and proceeded to show Jupiter on the laptop ... until ... hmm ... web cam not working ... hmmm ... then suddenly ... blue screen of death (ARGH !!!) ... major dump. It was yet another case of switch off and start again. Second time round it all worked fine but by this time the guests were getting a bit cold and hungry. The rest went in doors whilst I was booting up again and my friend and I stayed out to capture a few videos before retiring indoors for more warm drinks, fridge cake and imaging processing (see below). We went out for one last session. Checked out Jupiter again and this time the moon which as at the 3 o'clock position was now closer to the 2 o'clock position. After Jupiter we looked at a few stars and finally at Orion's Belt (first time for me too!!). The stars and the hazy blur of the belt was really impressive! Finished off at about 11pm. All-in-all it was a pretty good first ever star party. There was plenty of wow factor to keep people interested and the cold temperature at bay (it was -3.5C by the time we finished). I do wonder though about the wisdom of holding it on Friday the 13th (was it coincidence about all the problems with various bits of kit ... who knows). Thanks Pete
  20. Hi everyone, Was up bright and very early this morning in order to try and image Mars. I had a few problems getting Mars in the web cam FOV ... time was running out as the sun was coming up, changing the sky from dark to light blue. But finally managed to capture a few videos ... wa-hoo!! This was taken at about 7.30am using a SW200P and a x2 Barlow (plus Philips web cam) ... plus some post breakfast tweaking in Registax. Thanks Pete
  21. Yes ... had a problem with my SynScan handset last night. I was trying to access the Tracking menu when suddenly the handset froze ... quite literally (nothing to do with the -3C temperature last night). The read out seemed to be 'stuck' in the enter the Date prompt. What was really bizarre was that the mount was slewing the OTA around the RA axis, all 360 degrees!! Tried to stop the slewing but there was no response from any of the keys including the Esc key. I had to power off the mount to stop the slewing. When I powered up again, I got the 'Initializing' message, then the FW version (3.27) ... then nothing again ... no response from any button on the handset ... nothing. Switched it off again and left it for a while. Came back, switched on and everything was working again. I could use the keys and enter details. Very bizarre ... Just wondering if anyone else had a similar problem? Thanks Pete
  22. Hi Everyone, I'm going to have a crack at imaging Mars and/or Saturn early tomorrow morning and was wondering what would be the best SharpCap settings (e.g. Gain etc) to capture the images. Many thanks Pete
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