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  1. I would definitely suggest keeping the subs stored if you can, even on an external hard drive or something. You can add to subs over many nights, even years to constantly improve the image and there have been many times when I have noticed a mistake in the stack half way through a process flow and had to go back and stack again. I will let someone more experienced analyse the tif file, but it doesn't look right to me.
  2. If the data isn't over exposed when you start processing, you should be able to prevent it. If it is there when you start, you may have no choice but to go for the extra short subs. I also had problems with M31 and went the short sub route for the core only. I used this guide for the short sub/long sub layering: http://www.astropix.com/html/j_digit/laymask.html Hopefully someone with a better understanding of ps than me will be along to help without the need of extra data ?
  3. Maybe try taking shorter subs for the overexposed section and then layer it over the top. I used it in two thread series where I was imaging Orion in 2014/15 to get the core: I'm not sure if you can recover it in PS, someone else may be able to help there.
  4. Cheers all for the quick replies. I think I'm going to stick with the finder and look into selling the OAG/GP cam. The finder guider works fine, can be used with other cameras if I want to, and I didn't think about the balance factor as it is mounted on a dovetail in a way that can be easily moved forward to offset the weight of the camera hanging off the back. Thanks! Rob
  5. Hi all, I recently picked up a used Atik one 6.0 with the off axis guide camera. I have not had a chance to use off axis guiding yet, but wondered if there were any pitfalls to using one? I have only ever auto guided using a camera/finder setup, currently a QHY5L-ii C camera and evoguide 50ed guide scope combo. I would like to move the least preferable method on to free up some funds for other stuff. I have three scopes that the current finder setup is swapped between: WO Star 71 SW 130pds SW 200p So which should I keep and why, (or should I keep both?). The off axi
  6. This is still available, further price reduction before its placed on a well know auction site
  7. I have reduced the price of this down to £775
  8. Hi all, The filters and filter wheel are sold pending payment and delivery. Just the camera left.
  9. You will keep looking at classified adverts until you get a few clear skies. Then when it clouds back over you will go back to looking at all the shiny kit you shouldn't buy whilst you await the next clear night
  10. Hi all, For sale I have an Atik 414ex mono with USB cable and cigarette plug power adapter (filter wheel is not included). Everything is in excellent condition with the original box and a spare descant plug. I am looking for £750 I accept PayPal (buyer to pay any fees) and will send via insured postage to a UK address, or cash on collection from the ST5 area if you'd prefer to have a look at the camera in person. Let me know if you have any questions or require any further images, thanks for looking. Edit - I have also placed this for sale on AstroBuySell Edit 2 -
  11. Thanks Flo, mine arrived last week and its a lovely bit of kit, cant wait to use it. The Evoguide 50ED fits within the WO finder rings I had, so I have transplanted half the locking nuts to these rings and I can now easily move it between my Skywatcher 130pds equipped with the evoguide 50ED rings, and the WO star 71. I will end up mounting it on top of the scopes when I get a chance to drill some holes
  12. Looking lovely and smooth, me likey. Well done!
  13. Just ordered one I have been looking for a new guidescope over the last few weeks and this looks like it will fit the bill nicely, cheers FLO.
  14. Cheers Kens, will add to my list for comparison. The bonus point for the 383l is that second hand ones come up quite often and it would almost be a straight swap. I'd have to move up to bigger filters though I think.
  15. Cheers Tim. On paper it has an imaging circle of around 40mm if I remember correctly. I've never gone above the 414ex with it though. I could test it with one of my DSLRS if I can get the adaptor off the scope ?. The 383L still the goto camera for larger real estate?
  16. Hi all, I'm considering moving to a camera with a larger sensor than my Atik 414ex I've not really been keeping up with all the latest cameras and how they compare to the older generations. Does anyone have a cheat sheet/recommendation on what to be looking at? It will be paired with my WO Star 71 V1 and my rig is comfortable guiding at around 15 minute exposures. Mono is essential as I mainly image DSOs in Narrowband from the back garden. I have a budget of up to £1800 for the camera body and am open to both new and used suggestions.
  17. Nice one. Ive never heard of a SER format, your maybe loosing some quality from the conversion but you'd get the same from converting to JPG. What is the stack size on disk before and after conversion? What version of AS! are you using and does that support more than 4GB RAM? If you check system resources do you max out RAM when stacking? if the last two questions are yes, have a look and see if you can drop some more RAM in? check your OS supports it (64bit), borrow something compatible from a friend, or another computer you might have, and see if it makes a differen
  18. Converting them to JPG should also reduce the filesize as would reducing the image dimensions. When you have done this before successfully, did you use RAW files or Jpgs? Raw files are quite large so it might be a combination of individual file size (dimensions of the image, and on disk size) and amount of files that is giving you problems? It would explain the AVI working as PIPP splits that up into small jpgs if I remember correctly and Avis are usually lower dimensions than a full RAW file from a canon. (been a while since I did this ).
  19. You can easily check computer resource in Windows Task Manager. Open Windows task manager on the computer and have a look at the performance tab. Start the stack and check the performance to see what is maxing out (CPU, Memory or both). Next try to stack a smaller stack, say 10 images. Check the performance again and see if you notice a difference. The bigger the size of the data set, the longer and more taxing it will be on the application. I was able to get by with an ancient AMD cpu and 4GB Ram, you might just need to drop the amount of data you push through the applications down.
  20. Finally! Saturday Night, no cloud and no moon. Doesn't get much better :)

  21. Are you saying that when the scope slews round, the polar alignment is changed, or do you mean that the scope isn't pointing to where it should when the slew has finished? Guiding is really a must for long exposure imaging as you need incredible accuracy to maintain round stars. My mount could achieve a couple of minutes of exposures without guiding before star trailing. With guiding I can go over 20 minute exposures without trailing. It was either that, or go for a permanent mounted insanely more expensive and accurate mount. I went for the <£200 option.
  22. I started small, webcam, cheap scope, no tracking and took images of the moon and planets. I did that for over a year. Fast forward Seven years and my skills have improved and my gear has slowly grown. My list of things I'd like to do keeps getting longer. I think that you shouldn't be judging your results against what others have achieved. You should be judging your result on that which you have previously produced. You should be using the images you consider of better quality as inspiration. You should be looking at what others have achieved with the equipment you have and asking them h
  23. Would you recommend a Dual rig to someone that had to pack away the scopes/mount each night but could leave them all as they were on the mount? Would it be easy to miss-align them?
  24. What do you think about pairing one of these with a wostar71v1 for imaging? Has the flattener been released or a price confirmed?
  25. When I first moved into my house (about four years ago) I was out doing some imaging and I heard a rustling sound in the grass and investigated it. I expected a rat but was surprised to find a hedgehog. I wok up my partner who came down for a 5 minute viewing before heading back to bed. It stayed in the garden with me for a few hours whilst my imaging run was going on then it left and I haven't seen it since. The only other time I have seen one it was walking down the street. Unsure what to do, I picked it up and released it into some undergrowth near by figuring that doing that woul
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