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  1. Certainly got the right movements, although it sounds as though it is really for a finder scope. I wonder whether it would introduce too much possibility of flexure if used with the main scope.
  2. I am trying to adjust the alignment of my OTA to reduce the cone angle in the hope that I will get better goto performance without having to do a star alignment. Does anybody know of a dovetail and / or ring space blocks that allow the necessary adjustment to be made with the scope sat on the mount. Or is my only option to shim the rings and "wiggle" the position of the rings on the dovetail? This latter would seem to be a bit of a pain requiring a lot of demounting and trial and error compared to being able to adjust a couple of screws while aligning the scope to a target that is centred
  3. Based on your comments and more Internet research, I decided to go for a Starwave 50mm guidescope. A bit more ingenuity needed to attach to my current set up, but should see me through a couple of upgrades.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. I am now reassured. I must admit it was not the processing power I was worrying about, but conflict on the usb with two cameras. But when I sit down and think about it, the imaging camera is only passing an image down the line every few minutes.
  5. Steve, I am using SharpCap for the acquisition. I have seen mention of PHD2 in there somewhere, but I am still trawling through the manual! Chris
  6. Now I am getting confused. If I am using a guidescope with PHD2, do I need two separate laptops: one for the guidescope camera and one for the imaging camera, or will both run quite happily from a single laptop?
  7. Thanks for that, very useful. There is so much to get my head around at the moment!
  8. I was thinking of around 650mm, by the time I had a field flattener in place. Would that still be too long for the guide scope?
  9. Does anybody have any experience of using this guide scope ? If it works well, it is a very attractive proposition: the total weight is only 200g and it attaches directly to a CEM26 mount. This would give me a fighting chance of squeezing a 4.5 inch refractor onto that mount.
  10. Thanks for the kind comments. I think I am definitely hooked now! RobP: there is a specific astrophotography filter in Affinity to remove background casts, but I have not really got the hang of it; I find it easier and more intuitive to use levels adjustment to match the width and position of the shadows peak in the three different colour channels.
  11. This is my first go at astrophotography, imaging Bode's galaxy. It was last night so probably too much moonlight. I used an Orion Starblast 4.5 mounted on an Ioptron CEM26 The camera was an Altair GPCAM 290c. 50 x 60s lights were recorded using Sharpcap - Just the mount's tracking, I have no guider Corresponding dark and bias frames were recorded Affinity Photo was used to do the stacking and then to play around with the image (I have been using this for a while for general photography after abandoning Photoshop due to the high cost of the subscription model)
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