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  1. Thanks all - if it ever stops raining i will give the two steps a go Mr Spock!
  2. Hi, I have an Evolution 8 that needs collimation - I'm sure there must be a thread somewhere on SGL with a tutorial, but I can't find it. It's the first time I will have done anything like this so ideally idiot proof and words of one syllable of possible!
  3. Hello Heids and welcome from another newbie with an evo 8. If you don't get on with the strap another option would be a big-ish rucksack. I use one to move the ota and mount in one go and find it easier to go up and down steps with it on my back (better for balance and I can see where I'm going!). Plenty of used ones on gumtree/ebay. Only problem is that it knocks the finder out of true so have to spend a few minutes re-aligning at the start of a session.
  4. Yep, what they said! One thing that sets sgl apart from other forums for me is the complete lack of snobbery and one-upmanship despite the fact that there are a good number of real experts here. I'm new and have already asked my fair share of stupid questions but without exception the replies I have had have all been friendly, patient and helpful. Makes me want to join in and try to be helpful too!
  5. Hi Gocats, I'm a newbie too and have recently upgraded to an evo 8 so same scope as you. I had the same issue, not helped by wearing glasses. I have a couple of BSTs and have found that winding the rubber eyepiece out helps get my eye the right distance from the eyepiece to get the full effect of the fov. Hope that helps!
  6. Hi dave34, That sounds good - do you mind me asking where you found it?
  7. Hi dave34, I've been looking at those too - I reckon they would be fairly easy to modify it they weren't a perfect for for your 102 Mak. Only thing putting me off is the postage from the U.S. - it's more than the knob!! Have you come across any being sold in the UK?
  8. Really beautiful images Israel, and I could read your description over and over - great post
  9. Hello and welcome! Already jealous of your skies, look forward to reading your posts
  10. Hi, and welcome! I'm new to SGL I but have had some sound advice from other members. I guess I'm at stage 2 - had a 130p for a few years, spent most of my time looking at the moon, Saturn,Jupiter and Mars, Orion nebula and still think it's a great scope. That said (like the Harley!), I wanted"more". You mentioned the Nextar 8se, I've been lucky enough to find a used evolution 8 and while I'm still getting used to it, I love it. With the the 130p finding planets was easy but I'm a bit impatient and am probably never going to be a die hard star hopper so goto was something I wanted to try, and I am already a fan. So, cutting through my waffle, I think you would be pleased with the 8se and I don't think you would outgrow it for a fair while. Hope that helps!
  11. As always really helpful advice. I've pressed the button on the flo website - an 8mmm and 25mm are on their way! That's this month's pocket money spent, now all I need is something to aim the scope at...
  12. Thanks Jetstream, that's a useful rule of thumb. Disappointing as I haven't seen the Milky Way from here for ages!
  13. I have mixed those two scales up from time to time - definitely got more hazy as the night went on...
  14. I have to admit to being really confused by the Bottle scale. I'm close to central Bath and according to Clear Outside that's Bottle 5, which is ok-ish I think? However, because Bath is surrounded by hills air pollution can get pretty bad when we get settled weather so surely that would affect viewing?
  15. Thanks Russ, I'm more than happy to look at second hand so will keep an eye out for the Nirvana. Sounds like a really wide FOV by comparison to other eps?
  16. So, after a few years with my SW130p I splashed out on a second hand Evolution 8 and am looking at getting a few eyepieces to get the most out of it. I never get tired of the moon, Saturn and Jupiter so they will always be on my target list but I also want to try some dso viewing. Budget isn't huge (it will take a while to recover from buying the Evo!), so up to 50 quid per eyepiece. At the moment my collection is the eyepieces that came with the SW (10mmm & 25mm - not the best quality) and a Celestron Omni 12mm and Omni Barlow. The BST eyepieces look like good value and have nice reviews, but before I jump in any advice would be great, especially if you have or have used and Evo 8.
  17. Ok, I've done it. Found a used evo 8 (budget completely blown) and managed a couple of hours on the moon and practicing using the goto set up. Now I'm thinking about eyepieces... I have a very limited collection, my only non-standard eyepiece is a Celestrion Omni 12mm and the omni Barlow so really starting from scratch. Budget is going to be very limited for a while. I am only visual and will never get bored of Saturn and Jupiter, but want to try out more dso to make the most of the scope. I was thinking a BST 8mm for planetary, and something less powerful/wider for dso as a starting point but open to all and any advice
  18. Hi all, I'm relatively new so apologies if I'm breaking any rules, but who is Alan and what is the name of his website - I think I need to spend some money with him!
  19. Celestron travelscope 70 - fathers day present about 10 years ago. Amazing and terrible in equal measure, but more than enough to get me hooked!
  20. DavieH

    Up periscope!

    Hi Rojay, I'm new too! There's a great bunch on here with a huge amount of knowledge that they are willing to share (with patience and humour!)
  21. Thanks everyone, those responses were really helpful. I think it has to be an 8, in an ideal world would be an evo but I don't think I've ever seen a used one come up (probably the best indicator of how good they are!) but I've seen one of two 8SE almost in reach so can't wait! Better start working on a convincing reply to the "where did that big orange telescope come from" question...
  22. You're right John, it is - even caught myself thinking I could make a case for a 6 and an 8 (or maybe a 9.25!) Then I remembered my lotto numbers didn't actually come up... So, back to Plan A(ish). The 6SE is now in the mix, but I really don't want to make the mistake of being hasty. I got a bit carried away and lost track of why I posted the thread - has anyone had the chance to view through both a 130 reflector (what I have now) and a 6" act in the same session? If so, is there a significant difference in pure viewing or do I need to go for the 8" to get my fix? Thanks!
  23. Will have a go at this, my garden seems really dark but I live in Bath and generally light pollution in the city is quite bad so would be interested to see the results. I guess that's the point, my garden might seem dark just because it's shielded from street lights by the house, but the background LP probably has more of an impact than I notice.
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