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  1. Did you ever get to do a comparison between the Astrodon 5nm and Antila 3nm filters. I am wondering whether the switch from the 5nm Astrodons will be worth it?

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    2. m.tweedy


      Thank you. Looks interesting. Something i may need to consider


    3. Sp@ce_d


      At half the price of Chroma's & Astrodon's I think the proof of the "pudding" will be in a processed image.. of which I can't see me getting for some time.. but they do look promising so far. If you want to play safe though & go with the proven track record.. and.. you're imaging in the UK.. wasting time on precious clear skies.. maybe false economy to waste a season waiting to checking them out. Although to be honest my Obsy has been hardly much more productive so far!


    4. m.tweedy


      I am pondering on what to do. I will be selling most of my visual stuff shortly as my eyes are not what they were and looking to get a colour CMOS camera to compliment my Atik 460M. If i have funds left i may consider just getting a 3nm O111 as i have the 6nm older Astrodon Ha and 5nm Astrodon in the O111 and S11

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