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  1. Perfect thank you. But I cannot find anywhere to purchase these in the UK.
  2. Yep, you are correct sir. I think it's called the 'focuser drawtube'? Its the metal part that has a cog track on it. Thats all I need. I still can't see anywhere I can buy one from. Surely Celestron sell them?
  3. Hi Guys, New here. I have recently purchase a second hand telescope (as title) but the focuser knob is missing. Not the entire thing, just the part that goes inside that holds the eyepiece if that make sense? I have been trying to purchase only this part, as the whole thing is £40. Any help please?
  4. Thanks guys. My scope is not worth buying a motorized mount, not long started up with a pretty basic reflector. When funds are good the first thing I'm gonna do is buy a good' un! Anyway, yes Trull, I can fix my camera to a lens, via a pretty brutal bodge, I cut a lens box in half, and just taped it in place on the camera. The EP sits snug in the box, (taped to the camera) and I just slide the EP complete with camera into the focuser. I can get some pretty good shots of the moon like this, but planets are out of my league. (ATM!) we just move to damn fast! Although I can see Saturn through the EP with my eye, when my camera is on, It can't make out Saturn at all? It's a camera with only an LCD, anyone know why this is?
  5. A nice blog, why not do one after every session? Nice to hear details. Oh, and by the way, don't show the Mrs too much, otherwise you will be forking out for another scope!
  6. Thanks Steve. Iv'e got an modded ( el cheapo vivitar) camera which fits into an Ep, it's 7MP, but when I take an Avi And try to stack it, the results are always worse than a single jpeg? This is why I'm going to try the SPC. Well that, and I can't keep buying Duracell ultra batts at £5 for 4! Nowhere near DSO imaging, but I'd love to have a good shot of the moon and Jupiter.
  7. Did you collimate your scope? Is your finder scope set up correctly? Do you were glasses? No questions are daft, there are some fab people on here!
  8. I'm by no means an expert, barely an amateur, but looks ok to me? Someone once told me that if you have to do it manually, remove eye piece, and point the scope at something bright indoors. Look through focuser. If you see your eye staring back at you, pretty much central, your as good as you can get without a laser.
  9. So I'm going to get a phillips spc webcam everyone seems to rate very highly. My question is, is it worth it with a manual newt? Are goto's recommended for imaging? What kind of result would I expect with a manual? Thanks all!
  10. Fantastic! great image of the Sun there. Crispy fried Seagull anyone?
  11. So envious of your clear skies! After another look at your image, this really is the best pic that I have seen in a long time, can't wait for more.
  12. How many like me, viewed image for a second time, then wiped the screen to make sure it wasn't a mark?! Fantastic image, thanks for sharing!
  13. JohnDenim

    Hello everyone

    Hi and welcome Scarlet. Hopefully, you don't end up with a flat bunny! What about putting a little bell on her? : ) Oh, and by the way. A pellet gun is always a thought for dealing with neighbours annoying lights...... ;-)
  14. Seconded. Welcome Suuzi. I'm relatively new myself, A great bunch of folks on here. Any questions are answered almost instantly, this is the friendliest forum I know, and feel proud and privileged to be part of it. From a fellow Notts (ish) resident. I hope to meet up with you guys in EMS soon!
  15. Without trying to hijack this thread, I thought registax had to be used with video footage?
  16. Think he's gonna be a singer! A nice movie, shame about the heat influence. Nice to be only the 7th person to view it.
  17. Very Nice image Mike, I saw that too, but now there is too much cloud.
  18. Time to dust off the eye pieces then! Shame I'm off work ill today......
  19. Wow, you have a really tall house! Just kidding. I was just thinking the same thing recently. Here nr Mansfield, it must be nearly a month of cloud.
  20. Will we ever see one in our lifetime? I know Eta Carinae is not far off, at about 100 times the size of our sun. What an experience it would be to see a star die. Am I right in thinking all of the nebulae that we see are all dying stars?
  21. So, easy peasy then eh? Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  22. Yep, can agree there. My son (who is ten) is an expert on video games, but has just recently started coming outside with me and seeing the real, should I say, 'world'? He is really enjoying the experience, and I will use your 'class' as a starting block. Thanks for sharing.
  23. Dan, do you ever involve the kids with observatory viewings? here in the U.K, as well as the States, observatories can be booked online as part of state funding. I wish I was a student again! Great topic, thanks.
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