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The Constellation Orion


A widefield three plate mosaic image of the constellation Orion. Imaged in natural color with added Hα and OIII narrowband to the LRGB data.
Orion is easily identifiable in the sky between November  and February, but long exposure photography reveals the immense amount of nebulosity within that is hidden from view.

Exposed between 23 November and 28 December 2022 using a stock Canon 40D DSLR for the color data and a QHY 268M mono camera for the HAlpha, OIII and luminance signal through a 80-400mm f4 lens set at 80mm.


Exposures Plate 1: DSLR RGB:17x60s, 17x120s, 17x180s @ ISO1600, Ha:18x300s & 15x180s @ HCG:62/OFS:25 (3h57m)
Exposures Plate 2: DSLR RGB:18x60s, 18x120s, 17x180s @ ISO1600, Ha:18x300s & 12x180s @ HCG:62/OFS:25 (3h51m)
Exposures Plate 3: DSLR RGB:17x60s, 17x120s, 17x180s @ ISO1600, OIII:6x180s, Ha:14x300s & 9x180s @ HCG:62/OFS:25 (3h37m)

Exposure Time was 11 hours and 25 minutes.


© Mariusz Goralski
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Needs rotating by 180° - great image though (unless your southern hemisphere!)

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On 02/03/2024 at 22:28, fwm891 said:

Needs rotating by 180° - great image though (unless your southern hemisphere!)

You're not the first to point out the orientation of Orion... I did image this from Australia, so kept the orientation in the way it's visible down here...

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