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From: Sgl - How To Use The Blogs



Hi All,

It'll take a little time to write all of these things up, but here is the first.

A guide to making an entry on your BLOG. Wasn't quite what I hoped adding content mid post, but I guess I still need to get used to how to do stuff!

1. OK this first image shows how you get into the blog from the main screen. Just under the SGL logo is some menu options click on BLOG.

2. On the right hand side of the screen is a CREATE BLOG button - click on it.

3. Agree the terms of the blog and click continue.

4. Enter various settings about the blog and then click SAVE when ready.

5. You then get a screen showing all your blogs - you can have multiple - click on the one that you want. You can see the one that I created show as MY TEST BLOG.

6. On the right of the next screen is a ADD ENTRY button click on it.

7. The next screen that is shown is the actual BLOG entry screen. Enter a subject, message, use smilies, format text etc etc. Uou can add attachments in the same way as you do on the main forum. Once you are happy you can publish your blog. The buttons down the bottom will preview or save a draft. To actually publish your Blog you need to use the publish button on the right hand side of the screen.

Once you have created a blog the "CREATE A BLOG" button in step 2 is replace with a ADD ENTRY button skipping all the way to step 7 above.

Hope that helps - let me know if you come across any errors in the steps above.



Source: Sgl - How To Use The Blogs

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Hi everyone, i am new to all this and computers, what is a blog



Hi everyone, i am new to all this and computers, what is a blog

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Hi Sheryl I am new to this site and a blog is where u can ask/receive questions/answers but the main forum should be used so I am told but I am still trying to figure out how to access the main forum

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Posted (edited)

I am new to blogs but I think I have sussed this out.  The forums are more suitable for posting things where the main purpose is to ask questions or have a discussion.  Blogs seem to be more suitable for build projects where the main content is going to be contributions by the originator and there may be fewer questions or comments.  Also, unlike the forums, blogs have a two level structure where each blog can have a number of sub-sections with each of those similar to a thread in the forums.  If I have this wrong maybe @Ant can correct me :D

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