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    I'm an avid reader of pretty much anything. Ever since I was young and first looked up I've been fascinated with the stars (sound familiar?) I'm also very much into pc's.
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  1. I'm no scientist. I'm not even an "ist!" But I do have a problem when they say "Time Travel is not possible" They are wrong!!! Of course it is. How do I know? How is it that I can say this? How is it that I can argue with the greatest minds that have ever lived? Easy... Because I've done it! Yep, you heard me right...I've traveled back in time. Now before I tell you how I did it, let me explain something. I ask questions...of everything...I used to have a wish, and that was to be a physicist. The subject has fascinated me ever since I was a small boy. But alas, I was born without the ability to deal with numbers, in truth, they scare the hell out of me! And it always seemed to me, that whenever science was mentioned in school...numbers crept in to keep me away. So I fell in love with words! I heard a saying, "The pen is mightier than the sword" What the hell does that mean? (See...A question!) I started asking my English teachers. They all gave me answers, but none that a small boy could understand, or comprehend. Then one day, on the verge of giving up...I got an after school detention (another story, all of it's own!) Now I used to get quite a few of these, and always with the teacher who I'd slighted in some way. This time however, as I entered the classroom I got a shock...not my Drama teacher...but my most feared one...my Maths teacher...I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me, I loved detentions...it was a good time to get answers from my teachers, without them having to deal with anyone else...it was my "one on one" time...and now this! I sat down, got out my math book, and stared at the things on the page. They were alien to me, I thought there must be something wrong with me, because numbers became squiggles that I could not read. Then, to my surprise, my teacher asked me what I wanted to do! I said I wanted to read and was even more surprised when he said fine!!! Half an hour in, my teacher spoke to me...he said he had heard that I was asking all of the teachers the same question. I explained what had been going on and he laughed. He told me that I would never be able to understand their answers because they were all wrong!...How can my English teachers be wrong...they deal with words all the time? He asked me if I wanted to know the true meaning behind the saying...I rolled my eyes and said yes...This is what he said to me...I've never forgotten it. "If I take a sword, and take your life, that's it, nothing more, you're gone. Your family and friends will mourn you, then just your family. Nothing else can hurt you once I've done it, because you are not here. But if I take my pen, and I write on your report card, that you're a disruptive influence on all those around you, that you cannot be trusted, that you are lazy...that will follow you for years...every school you go to will see this, they will pre-judge you. If I take my pen, and tell your future employers the same thing, it can affect your hole life! Which one do you think will be worse for you?" I told him I would rather be alive...he laughed again. When I got home, I thought about what he had said...then, I got it...I can do more harm with what I say, I can hurt you more with a few well placed words...than I ever could just by physically hurting you. On the flip side, I can use words to make you feel so special, you'd feel like you won the Lottery...without even buying a ticket! So this is how I can argue with the greatest minds that ever lived...with words...they talk in ways most of us can't understand. The ones that can, are brilliant people, held back by the very thing that makes them brilliant...their minds! They want proof...or they theorize when the proof they crave is not there...this can blind them to what is right in front of their very eyes! Let me tell you how I traveled back in time...no...let me tell YOU how to do it!!! Wait until it's a clear dark night...go outside...look up. It may take a few seconds to happen...but very, very soon...you will be 10 years old again!
  2. Congrats on the scope/view. May clear sky's be with you.
  3. I love that old saying "you live and learn" so to help any newbies to astronomy (like me) from making the same mistake as i have, here's a little tip/warning. IF you have a moon filter, and IF you have an 11 year old grandson just dying to have a look at the moon...remember to put the filter in! The scream that the poor little tyke made when he looked through my scope sounded like a Banshee, with a fire cracker where the sun don't shine! I felt awful for days afterwards...on the plus side, A. His eye was fine...B. He wanted another look (with the filter firmly in place!) so I hadn't put him off of "looking up." When it came to the next viewing time, the Banshee howl of pain was replaced with some rather pleasing "coo's" and "wow's" as he glimpsed the craters of the moon, and the rings of Jupiter. He's now "hooked!" Job done!
  4. Well I'm loving my new scope. I had my first telescope WOW on the night that I received it (Jupiter) and tonight (being VERY patient with the clouds) I had another as I gazed lovingly at Orion's Nebular on and off for about half an hour. I then did a slow tour just stopping at stars that caught my eye. I did all this just using the four directional buttons on the hand controller. I've set it up to track...but it bores the hell out of me! I've decided that when I can afford it, I will be getting myself a non motorised mount, as good as they are for newbies like me, I can't help getting the feeling that I'm somehow cheating myself by using it. I know that may sound a bit strange, but when I first started to properly "look up" with my binos, EVERYTHING I saw was a new WOW moment, and it was ME that was tracking them! I should of paid the extra £70 and got the "normal" mount...but as the saying goes...we live and learn! Or is it just a case of, I'm getting old?
  5. I have a torch fetish, and I have rather too many (according to the wife :-) So if you want to keep your "night eyes" then stay away from anything with a Cree LED in it...they are very powerful bulbs, and even the red ones will kill your night sight. Just grab hold of a cheap and cheerful one, as long as you can see what you're doing, that's all that matters. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Jupiter blew me away as well! Fingers crossed for some clear sky's, although the weather man says it might be more than fingers that need to be crossed. Welcome to SGL!!!
  7. Hi Ben. If it helps any (I doubt it but hey ho) the first time I saw Andromeda through my binos I thought I had a bit of dust on the lens. It wasn't until I saw a pic in a magazine for binos that I realised it was Andromeda...Now I've read this, I'm looking forward to trying to find it again, but this time with my scope! Great little post going on here.
  8. My problem with putting the scope outside to cool, is the place I view from. If my best views were out the back of my house (they are at 3 in the morning) then there would not be a problem, but until that time the best views are from the front. I would not feel too good about leaving my scope out there. I doubt it would take a walk...it's just a fear of it happening thing...if that makes any sense!
  9. You're so right there James, even with just my binos I started to leave the tripod in the shed, just so it was close to hand. (20x80's weigh a ton!) I'm used to my binos, I.E just pointing at something and seeing it. My first ever "WOW" moment was the Orion Neb through them (I nearly fell over!) the great thing about the scope is that its for use during the day as well, so I'll be spending a few hours getting used to how it all works. The instructions are still close at hand...just in case!
  10. LouisJB. I did get to see the moons, and the bands, although in my excitement I could barley keep my hands off the scope and caused no end of viewing probs for myself. lol
  11. I think I'd cry if I knocked it over lol...I managed to keep my binos safe for 2 years, so I'm hoping the same goes for my scope. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Good advice there Vicki, I'm not the most patient person I know lol.
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