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  1. Yeah ! I would love to spend as much time in this hobby as possible ! Well, actually it's my final year in high-school so I am not able to be on the AP side !
  2. Yes I am going to order the book Sara suggested ! After that i'll be buying anything ! Thats cool, You are searching from April last year ! Lots of patience ! Shivam
  3. I don't mean very cheap but an amount which I can deal with ! Yes, I'll see into it ! And buy myself a mount as soon as possible ! Thanks !
  4. I was thinking of replacing Mount, and get me a camera first ! I want to start with very basics ! like star trails moon and some of the planets ! So what would be your choice with that telescope ? Thanks !
  5. Yesterday I tried it from my webcam at back of my telescope ! And those were really unprofessional ! Well I really need a camera with good pixels ! Thanks !
  6. LP ?? What's that ? I am going to order this book today itself ! Thanks !
  7. I am not earning anything that's the reason I don't want to spend much now(I am a Highschool student) ! But later I would love to deal with expensive equipments ! And Thanks for your Comment !
  8. Which camera should I buy ? -Don't want to spend much but still want to have the best ! Should I go for CCD or DSLR ? or Point and shoot ! will it be able to perform like others? What all think should be seen before buying camera ! Like I have read it should be able to lessen the noise ! Does Megapixel should be taken care of ?
  9. I have a regular mount which is provided with the telescope mentioned in my signature ! I tried taking a lot of pics and stack them ! I took some of Venus and Moon ! They look so unprofessional ! As Malcolm said I should not hope much from the telescope I have ! Well I need a dedicated webcam and mount for it, and a telescope too which i'll buy later ! Thank you Alexxx and Malcolm !
  10. I try to but can't keep myself awake up till that time ! Nor I could get up that early ! But if I really want to see it I need to wake up in early dawn tomorrow !
  11. I have guidemaster software and it can stack 10 pictures at time into one picture and then i will be using imagestacker to stack all those stacked pictures ! Or should I stack a lot of pictures into one, directly by using imgaestcaker ? What all should be the setting of the software ? Today is full moon will it be ok to do photography today ? and do I need to change settings for photographing moon ? And how many photos should I click to make a perfect photo ? I mean do I need to have a lot of pic (like 100 or 200 or more) to get a perfect photo with nebulas or a lot of star or something in deep space? And any suggestions what all other softwares that I can use? And I am going to do it from my webcam ! Therefore I am not thinking of getting wonderful clicks !
  12. Found many softwares on this site : http://www.tawbaware.com/ ! I have imagestacker and Guidemaster ! Seeing forward to get some nice clicks !
  13. How to click pictures and process them from a webcam ? Any software you would like to advice for processing of the images ? And any advice for setting up webcam on telescope, To get the most out of it ? ? Thanks !
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