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What to upgrade to ??

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Hi everyone

I've got an newtonian equatorial reflector at the moment and I am thinking of upgrading. What would you people recommend I get as I am still an amateur at this and don't really know what's what exactly yet =P

My budget is from £150 - £250 but am willing to go a few extra pounds if it's worth it.

My current telescope has :

Focal length = 1400mm

Lens clear aperture = 150mm

Mount = ET-8 equatorial

I also have a PL25mm and a PL6.5mm eyepiece + a 2x barlow lense

Appreciate any help. Thanks =D

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Hi, welcome to SGL !,

Your scope sounds similar to the Seben "Big Boss" in spec.

For your budget I don't think you can really increase your aperture but, with a little more investment, you could go for a better quality 150mm scope like a Skywatcher 150P or 150PL:

Reflectors - Skywatcher Explorer 150P EQ3-2

These are much better optical quality than the Sebens and their like.

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Dob 200p is a big beast...........stands about 56 inch high but it is so easy to use. There are so easy mods that can be done to it to help with finding DSO. Have a look at the Dobs group forum for advice and help

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Thanks for the advice valleyman =] I'll definitely think about saving up to get one then

I'm not sure exactly what my telescope make is as it doesn't say on the instruction manual at all but I had a look at the Seben "Big Boss" and it looks very similar to it except my finder scope is 6X30 and it came with 6.5mm and 25mm eyepieces and 1.5x erecting eyepiece and a 2x Barlow lense. Also my mount is a ET 8 equatorial instead of an EQ3 which apparently is what the Big Boss comes with, so I think mine may be an older version as I got mine off Ebay second hand.

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