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  1. Just read through the thread which was pretty entertaining As for the price of astronomy its not really that bad at all; I got my 250 dob 2nd hand off ebay for a respectable £265 and an eyepiece kit brand new for £90.
  2. Hi everyone, I had been interested in trying to take some pictures of the moon and some planets for a long time now but I don't really understand the equipments needed to fix the camera to the eyepiece (that is how you do it, right?). What I have right now: Skywatcher 250px dob HP photosmart 945 (I think this is really old) 25mm eyepiece 3X barlow What else would I need to get, considering that I am not going into proper astro photography, just want to have a quick snap every now and again Any advice or tricks with taking photos would also be greatly apreciated. Thanks Alan
  3. Thanks Jahmanson, appreciate the help I did a bit more looking around websites and found this set of GSO Plossls ScopeTeknix 8 part eyepiece and accessory kit by GSO and was wondering if these are decent and would anyone reccomend them, or should I just wait and save up more for the Revelation eyepiece set First Light Optics - Revelation Photo-Visual Eyepiece kit ?
  4. Thanks for all the useful advices, you guys are awesome I will keep a lookout for second hand Televue eyepiece. However, I was wondering if the type of eyepieces i.e. 1.25" and 2" make a difference or not and if so, what are the differences? Also, what do you guys think of the GSO eyepieces GSO GSO 32mm Super Plossl eyepiece and the Revelations eyepieces Telescope House Revelation Eyepieces Judging by the lack of mentioning the Vixen NPL eyepieces I'm assuming that they wont be up to the job?
  5. Hi everyone, I have just picked up my new Skywatcher 250PX last night and I have to say, it's a BEAST in every single way . However, it only comes with a 25mm eyepiece and x3 barlow, so I'm thinking of expanding my eyepiece collection. I am currently looking at the Vixen NPL series of eyepieces and I am thinking of getting the 15mm eyepiece first (as my budget only allows for an eyepiece + the rigel quikfinder I am also about the purchase). Is this a sensible choice or have I not got any idea what I'm doing (highly likely). Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. P.S. should I consider 2" eyepieces instead of 1.25" eyepieces as I will mainly be hunting for DSOs and was wondering if that mattered at all Thanks
  6. Thanks for the advice, but I'm not sure whether to get a 30mm or a 20mm eyepiece for finding DSOs first. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Hi, I was wondering if a pair of Vixen NPL 10mm and 25mm eyepieces for an upgrade would be good for a new scope?
  8. I am also seriously thinking about upgrading now and this has been very useful, except i want to go for a 250mm aperture telescope. I was wondering if a skywatcher EQ5 mount would hold a 250mm scope or would it be too heavy? Thanks =)
  9. Hi, I am thinking of collimating my scope sometime in the next week after I finish with all my exams (WOOHOO). Any advices for collimating a reflector please?
  10. Would just like to say that thats a fantastic idea and to show my support for the idea and it would be even better if you can show views of DSOs so people would know what to expect.
  11. By the way, towtter, where did you get them GSO revelations just out of curiosity, and would you actually recommend them? Thanks =D
  12. Thanks for all the advices, I guess I will have to read the eyepiece threads more carefully this time =P So the skywatchers ones arent really much of an upgrade then? Fair enough, I guess I might try and check out the other two first then =D
  13. I was wondering which eyepieces to go for as they all seem the same to be Plossl eyepieces but with a slight price difference. First Light Optics - Vixen NPL eyepieces First Light Optics - Skywatcher SP Plossl eyepieces First Light Optics - Celestron Omni Plossl Eyepiece Can anyone recommend me which type of eyepiece is the best price for performance and, if possible, explain why there is a price difference (unless it's just branding) Right now I have a 150mm aperture 1400mm focal length scope, but I am very likely going to upgrade to a SW 200p dob very soon. Appreciate any advice Alan
  14. Does anyone know what scope the person was using in the first vid to look at M42?
  15. hmmm, I guess I will go for the telrad then since it seems to be more useful
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