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Chromatic Aberration - How bad is bad?


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Hi All,

I have been having a great time with my bins, but it is only since they have been on a tripod have I noticed that they suffer from chromatic aberration (thanks to everyone who contributed to my previous queries).

The only time it has been apparent, is when viewing the moon (which is ace, but there were colours at the edges) and when viewing a very bright star - Sirius looked more like a flare of colour.

I have emailed my local AS society (of which I am not a member - yet) and asked if I could pop over to get someone to just confirm the extent of CA (haven't heard anything yet, I have only just emailed them).

Is what I have described bad?

Thanks in advance


p.s. the bins are Celestron 20x80's

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Hi Mark, the Moon and Sirius are tough tests of bins or achromat scopes.

As long as the Moon and dimmer stars are sharp, then I wouldn't

worry myself. It's normal, unless the bins are very expensive,

for the image to be less sharp towards the edge of the field of view.

Enjoy your bins, always good to have, even if you have a nice telescope, Ed.

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