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Cleaning inside the Pentax 105 SDP.. photos inside..

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Ok, recently I purchased a lovely Pentax 105 SDP thirdhand(ish).

However after it's first light I noticed the condensation inside had a rather odd appearance. So after it had dried out I had another look and initially I thought it could be bad cleaning but I then became convinced it was lens fungus. :( and more importantly it looked to be inside the rear lens cell which is buried deep within the scope.

So I decided that, after researching, there was one thing todo - a clean.. possibly opening the lens cell itself (and if the alignment on the rebuild was out then it would still be a good visual scope).

I then bought a dehumidifier, lens cleaning stuff (baader's wonder fluid+cloth+etc etc).. then after running the dehumidifier to reduce the humidity in the local environment to low levels.. it was time to put my heart in my mouth (if I destroy it.. pentax don't make them or service them anymore).

Initially (last weekend) I cleaned the objective lens and the remainder of the scope. So I was feeling a little more confident..

This is the beastie...


However I thought, rather than just attempt to open the cell.. I'd just clean the outside of the lens first. However there was a slight mottling... so I thought I'd try the other side too - so after cleaning...


It turned out that, whatever both things where, they were on the outside of the lens!!!! *smiles removed here* this is a good thing.. it means not opening a lens cell.. not risking the alignment issues.. infact I'm now going to have a few beers to celebrate :) but before I do.. have a look at this focuser:


Note the scrapes.. and what appears to be some grinding! I think mine must have been made in the Samurai tradition - by hand! Inside the focuser before I put the cell back on.. it's dark.. of deepest darkness..


The cell mounted back on the focuser - what's amazing is that the focuser intercuts between the cell itself and the baffle holding cell..


The business end of the focuser... it's like a russian doll as each segment has baffles and screwed fittings that look so simple from the outside:


Now everything is safely back together ready for SGL6 *imagine a smiling smilie here*


Time for beer to relax the nerves...

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