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How to choose eyepieces?

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Can anyone advise me on which eyepiece/s is/are best for viewing; 1)The Moon, 2) Planets and 3) DSO's?

Which are the most important criteria to consider when deciding on eyepieces and why?

I have recently purchased a second hand Meade LXD55 SN10 (F4) Schmidt Newtonian along with an HEQ5 (non Goto) twin axis drive mount.

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Welcome to SGL !.

Apologies if you have already done this but if not, I highly recommend that you have a read of this primer, which covers this very topic:


A lot depends on your budget to be honest - quality eyepieces can be more expensive than people expect, especially if they are to work well in a fast scope like your schmidt-newtonian.

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Have read it and am digesting it at the moment!

I intend to follow the advice and only buy two or three eyepieces. As I am contemplating buying a decent quality Barlow as well, is it better to have good gap between eyepieces so as to avoid duplication?

How do you calculate eye relief and exit pupil and how can you measure your personal maximum night adapted pupil size?

I am almost 57 and need reading glasses, but other than that my eyesight is good. I don't feel any need to wear glasses whilst viewing, at least not at the moment anyway!

Also what are your views on decent quality zoom eyepieces?

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