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  1. has the trial began?any feedback on new version?:hello2:sorry misread an earlier post my mistake
  2. i use a meade 5000swa 20mm ep with my 200p dob..........fantastic ep.i,m sure the 28mm will be just as good:) review here http://www.cloudynights.com/item.php?item_id=1270
  3. will try get one up in next day or two..........on nights atm:mad:
  4. strange i have the 200p skyliner and my telrad sits fine between focuser and finder,although i have swapped finder for an orion 9x50 raci
  5. another vote here:D i have this aswell as tlao:p
  6. i have a meade 5000 swa 20mm works great at f5.9
  7. according to his sig. his scope is sold.but i take your point mel,s scope was f5.9 not so tolerant of lesser ep,s than say an f.10
  8. i believe you need to have the firmware flashed to make it compatable with various operating systems fo pc,s as a 900 read the middle bit on this link http://www.morgancomputers.co.uk/shop/detail.asp?ProductID=6407&CategoryID=556&SubCategoryID=
  9. the 18mm will not make much difference in size as its close to your 20mm ep in magnification,you will just see more of the area around saturn because of the uwa aspect.it will however be a step up in quality from the stock ep.not sure of your focal ratio/focal length of your dob so difficult to comment on the other meade.
  10. defo a telrad or rigel.the other essential will be a collimating tool.i use a cheshire personally but a laser collimator or even a collimating cap will help good luck with your new scope great choice:hello2:
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