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Will this power my motors?

Peter Reader

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Hi all!

Have an EQ5 with motors. Batteries are running low I think and want to image tonight. Just found part of a battery charger for my RC aircraft lipo batteries. Has the same output connector as the motor battery pack and I plan to use it with an extension lead from the mains. Can anyone confirm if this will work? DOn't want to damage my motors...


INPUT: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.7A

OUTPUT: +12V 1.5A



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I Think the EQ5 motors are 6v - you had better check! That is the "ordinary" RA and Dec motors. I Think the goto/synscan (or whatever its called!) version is 12V. My other concern is that the mount may well draw around 2A when slewing so you may not have enough power.

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Under voltage is "safer" than over voltage... so I don't think that you would do any real damage, it would be like running on flat batteries.

Have a look at Maplins, they do powertanks for starting cards which are between £30 and £50... alternatively, if you want to run off of mains then look at purchasing a suitable power block - 12v @2 Amp with I beleive a 2.1mm centre positive connector. - I actually use one that was left over from when I had a Netgear switch go belly up... I never throw things like that away as you never know when they come in handy :o

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