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Help with Saturns moons

earth titan

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I've attached a picture I've put together from last nights observing, which is the first time I've had a real good look at the moons of saturn.

Would someone have a quick check for me, as I checked with Stellarium and there is a moon I couldn't identify.

Was it a moon?

Have I got the others right?

I've attached both the eyepiece view and a corrected view.

Thanks in anticipation.

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I grabbed a couple of images of Saturn last night, they didn't come out very well and were destined for the bin.

However, the images do show the "moon" you saw. I have played with the levels to make the "moons" easier to see:

Saturn 11/03/2011 00:48.




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I've just checked on Cartes du Ciel, and your object is spot-on for TYC 4960-449-1, an 11.39 magnitude star which was in that position last night. So, not a moon.

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