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NLO AS Meet on Friday 4th March 2011

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Hi all,

Just writing to share some shots (none of which are 'superb' by any means!!) from my trip to the Norman Lockyer Observatory last Friday.

Unfortunately I've been rather busy with work, wedding photography and birthdays and such, hence the late posting.

I have some stacking shots to do also, but my first quick attempt at these failed miserably.

Hope you enjoy my snaps, you'll need to click on them to get some of the detail.

Kensington Dome view to the West


Sirius over the Mond Dome (which houses the Lockyer Telescope)


Rob getting ready for a night of success :( ... again :) with the McClean Dome in the background


A view over the valley that Sidmouth sits in


One of the many aircraft hovering about


Orion just about coming into view


Very faint Plough in Ursa Major (for those that didn't know... haha)


Pleiades, another plane and a very faint Andromeda Galaxy (can you spot it?) (EDIT: You know what, you can just make out Triangulum Galaxy too!)


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Just a nice sky shot


Amaghad... the aliens!!!


Pleiades with Orion (and a bit of LP glow for effect :()


Belt and Sword of Orion


ISS Trail (also with a faint Aircraft below it!)


Rob's kit lit up like a Christmas Tree hehe


Just another nice shot of the Kensington Dome


Quick Star Trail over the Mond Dome


Poor long exposure of the same part of the sky


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Thanks for sharing those mate. I have a good time - seeing the trapezium through the Kensington was a definite highlight!


(Noobie) Stephen.

Yes it was, I wasn't expecting to see any binary stars when I left for the NLO :(.

Was it you I spoke to regarding Binoculars in the dome?

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