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  1. oh, i didn't realise it was a standard dovetail! good to know.
  2. looks like a great product flo parts idea: making adaptor plates to get that wedge to fit the astrotrac/polarie, and suddenly it doesn't cost an extra £200-300 for a geared head to get one of those systems up and running...
  3. following this with great interest. i can't be of much help, but have you seen this page: http://www.indilib.org/support/tutorials/139-indi-library-on-raspberry-pi.html - it seems you can run the indi server on the pi for scope and camera control and run ekos on your laptop to actually control everything. there's even a virtual machine (ekosVM) that will run under virtualbox on a windows machine that might be worth a look?
  4. and, if you're local, flo are very good at letting you pop over and pick stuff up yourself.
  5. true, and the same applies with the x-cel lxs if you aren't wearing glasses. i found that i couldn't see the field stop of the bsts with the cup down wearing my specs, and i like to be able to.
  6. personally, i sold my bsts in favour of the x-cel lxs. they have longer eye releif, almost too long, which mean you can get black outs, but, i felt they were brighter and sharper than the bsts (though i'm no expert and i wasn't really thourough in my testing). you can use the x-cel lxs with glasses on really easily, and build quality is better. all that said though, there's very little in it, and the bsts are great.
  7. did you get to look at the f6 6-inchers he has? very specialised but sure look nice.
  8. for the moon, i love the neodymium. not so bothered with it for anything else, but great for the moon. it's good for imaging the moon too.
  9. andy - wow, looks nice. thanks for the info - were there any issues fitting the crawmach focuser to Sheldon Faworski's tube? i guess dan has made lots for these tubes and it's a standard size? thanks stephen
  10. love me the trivials too. pump me full of whatever scotch my brother has got that year (bruichladdich last year - i know jack about whisky but he seems to know what he's doing), ham and celebrations within easy reach, set up a game of girls vs boys, happy days.
  11. cheers peter - that's what i was hoping.
  12. in case this info is useful for anyone - i had a reply from william optics. the light path of their 1.25" diagonal is 80mm (and 110mm for the 2").
  13. where's that emoticon for eating popcorn? i love how everyone always "blames the schools". 'cos, yeah, it's everyone else's fault. god forbid someone could take responsibility for their own a stupidity.
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