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  1. Its been a little while since I've posted here, took a quick day time snap of the moon today using a D7000 on a WO 72 Megrez on a standard tripod. Enjoy
  2. The NLO is a fab place to observe. Thanks for your kind comments, the photo was cheat stitched using Microsoft ICE, unbelievably a piece of free software from Microsoft that is actually worth using! :-) Been tying to get some images while on holiday in Crantock but the ST-80 + EQ1 Table top + Heavy DSLR combination is not working out as well as I'd hoped it would!
  3. Agree, I often do as much as I can in ViewNX before pushing it out to a TIFF.
  4. I do think the OP should get this onto print!
  5. Hutech Filters and Accessories IDAS Light Pollution Suppression (LPS) Filters Step Down Ring eg 77mm to 67mm Lumicon 77mm-67mm Step-Down Ring (Lens to Filter) LP1085 B&H
  6. Hutech IDAS filter, which you can get to match the size of your lens, or get the 77mm version and get an adapter to fit your lens to 77mm (assuming you have a lens smaller than 77mm.) Don't have the link just now. They're not cheap and I think maybe SCS do them.
  7. My only advise would be if you're going to go to all this effort... go as large as you possible can afford!
  8. Unless I've read this thread incorrectly, I think the upshot is to upgrade your Photoshop version (as I will be doing also!) The other thing you might try to do, if you want to work with TIFFs is to download GiMP 2 for free, a number of the standard features found within Photoshop are in GiMP aswell (obviously losing some colour depth information going from 16bit to 8bit.) Give it a try
  9. I was using PS7 if memory serves me correctly. I just wish things like DSS and Registax supported NEF, wouldn't need to mess around with daisy chain conversions. I'm currently using View NX 2 to convert my raws to 16-Bit TIFFs, then I'm using GiMP2.0 to open them into 8-Bit format, work on them there and save to JPG high quality. I also like to use PNGs too but some versions of IE don't render the colours correctly (which I discovered recently working on a web project.) Thankfully DSS opens my TIFFs after View NX conversion, however Registax just spits an error at me and throws all sorts of memory faults before deciding it's going to down tools and stop altogether because the size of my files are too large, scaling them down seems like a massive waste of my cameras resolution!
  10. That's a pain, could you copy and paste from the Tiff layer into a new image? Or even convert to another format?
  11. I had problems with Tiffs, I ended up having to drop them down from 32 bit to 16 bit, and even then GiMP says ... no I want 8bit and converts it. This may be related!
  12. I guess, if it can be mathematically tied down, eventually, then the quantum uncertainty could be planned for! You're right RobH, fascinating!
  13. I agree, despite my item taking longer to arrive due to UK shortages, I was kept informed every step of the way. The guys at FLO are fab
  14. Surely the point of it is to communicate/send information over vast differences? So if you separate quantum particles, leave a set here, take the other set to Saturn, you're communication will be as quick as the circuits employed in reading and setting the quantum states (in theory.) I don't know the ins and outs, I'm just taking what I've read here. Maybe I've missed the point somewhat?!
  15. That looks ace! Can you take flats now to remove the dust spots? I don't know.
  16. Yes, a definite yellow tinge, but a brilliant image in my opinion.
  17. It would be a quite large Network Card that one! lol
  18. Well, if you could theoretically have a completely un-retard-able object, then it may be theoretically possible, however, all 'objects' are made of matter, all matter suffers from 'bounciness' between atoms. On the other hand, let's say you could instantaneously make the sun disappear, the affect of the loss of a gravitationally strong object may be instantaneous... but we've no way of testing this. Personally, I suspect that the 'membrane' that is the 3 dimensional universe that we perceive naturally would actually take time to respond to something no longer deforming it, similar to removing a lead ball placed on a rubber sheet, remove it and the membrane (ie the sheet) needs to reform. It may or may not be possible that you could get rebound in the membrane, I don't know, where everything that was falling toward the sun, for instance, would for a short time, be forced to fall away from the position that it was in due to the recoil in the membrane. I don't know this for fact, consider this a mind-burp.
  19. I think yours came out better than mine! http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-widefield-special-events-comets/138378-m44-beehive-crescent-moon-plus-more.html
  20. The other consideration in the LY long string example is that the gravitational effects of all the celestial bodies along the way will affect the string and it's ability to carry any information as it will be tugged in all sorts of directions. I'm interested in this Entanglement principle but is it at all realistically possible?
  21. Just to say, the panorama is now linked to the larger image, rather than picassaweb's horrible manipulation of the image!
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