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Intes gone out of business?

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Hi Gaz,

Intes have gone through a number of changes since they began making astro-scopes in 1989 but I haven't heard that they had folded. But then, I have been away from work for a few days - I am back Tuesday and will know more then.

Optical Vision used to be an Intes importer but they recently cleared all their remaining stocks and no longer deal with Intes (better to draw a veil over that!).* Today, I think you would need to contact either House of Optics or Bray imaging for up-to-date info.

There is another Intes - Intes Micro - set up in 1993 by a former Intes employee; they are often confused with each other. I will enquire after them as well.

Steve :)

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Heres more:

After speaking to several of the industry's importers, I was surprised that so little was known of Intes demise.* Particularly when you consider that it happened back in October 04!

Intes Micro are fine.

My advice to anyone concerned is ... don't be. Intes made some excellent and robust optics that will probably outlast most other brands on the market.

Those wanting reliable information, advice and parts for any Russian telescope should contact either House of Optics or Bray Imaging.



Hope that helps,

Steve :clouds1:

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