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Camera advice.

Jeff RV

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I use ebay a lot, if someone's got a 100% feedback with a high number you should be fairly safe. They won't want to ruin that hard earned rating by selling something duff. I personally wouldn't send a lot of money off to some one witha low rating. Also you can get a feel of what they are like by asking a few questions, even better if you can pick it up. As just said you don't a get a warrantee, so for piece of mind a dealer might be better, though you will pay more. I bought my 300D from a neighbour, it's been great.

Good luck


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Cheers Dave ill keep it in mind. Just one more thing,I noticed Digital SLR's still seem to advertise mirror lock! do they work the same as the old film versions? as i wouldn't of thought a mirror necessary with Digital? I realize of coarse optics are still involved as usual and the need for various focus screens, But from a vibration point of view if you get my meaning? Jeff.

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