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DIY 80mm Guidescope


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Been meaning to put this up for a while, but here's some pics of my 80mm guidescope. I bought the 80mm binocular objective from Astroboot, which came with a 1.25" eyepiece holder & dovetail, i've used a skywatcher empty barlow tube to achieve focus with the QHY5.

Also I have retro fitted a skywatcher dovetail onto it as well, now just need find some pvc piping to make a permanent focusing tube. But it does work as it is.\





The diy dew shield







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I have the cut down version (minus support & eyepice holder) of this lens. F4 is about right. I find the longer focal length makes this a bit too sensitive (on my well worn EQ5) and I get better results + better FOV poppiing a small lens (from an old 25x10 binos) in front of the QHY5 chip to act as a focal reduer. This needs a few cm more backfocus.

Nadeem - I can pop a bit of PVC tubing in the post for you and save you having to buy meters of the stuff.


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