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Hello Jamie, and welcome to SGL.

Jupiter does have a ring system, but it is not like Saturns rings at all.

You are correct about three components of the rings though.

The outer one is called the Gossamer ring, because it is so faint and is very fine in composition.

The rings can't be seen by earth bound telescopes. They were found by the Galileo Probe which was sent to learn about Jupiter, and it's many moons. It photographed the rings too.

Good question by the way, and I hope I've answered it correctly.If not, somebody else will I'm sure.



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I watched a program and it said that Venus is planet on fire.

Well it's certainly very hot Jamie, and would not be a nice place to visit. When it rains, it is Sulpuric acid, which is what is used in Lead acid batteries. Very nasty :).


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Hi Jamie, looks like the link I posted may not be all that true, there are many people claiming its not posssible for such a large object to have gone unnoticed all this time, sorry if I have led you astray.

Uranus is one planet that, like Jupiter, does have a faint ring system, also I watched a recent programme that suggested that Neptune would also end up having a ring system as dramatic as Saturns when its moon Triton eventually impacts on to it one day :)

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Just started observing with my SW 150P. Jupiter was the obvious choice! Saw three moons on Feb 12th and four moons on Feb 14th.

Bit concerned that I couldn't make out any surface detail on the planet, even at x150. Should I be worried or is it just a case of 'wait and see'?

Great forum BTW.

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