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Hi All,

Just doing as much background research as I can before my Binoculars arrive.

Can anyone point me at a good tutorial that describes the RA\DEC coordinate system?

I'm sure that when I graduate to a Telescope it will have some flashy tracking system but I would like to get a decent grounding first.

Can anyone help?



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I was a bit hasty giving that as an example.

I thought it would save me some typing, but it is a very poor example, whoever wrote it is wrong. I ought to have read it more closely before I posted it, and I apologise for that.

Here is a link to a thread I posted in earlier, which explains RA and Dec. a bit better perhaps..



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The best thing is to get hold of a globe of the earth. Imagine it inside a sphere. Extend long and lat lines and the poles out onto the inside of the imaginary sphere.

When I teach this on our basic astronomy course I always do it with a physical globe on the table. It orbits around the solar salt pot!


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