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Help with some accessories please

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I have a Nexstar 8SE with a 25 & 10mm Celestron eyepiece, Baader mark 3 8mm-24mm zoom, William Optics diagonal and a skywatcher OIII filter. I mainly use it for visual use but somewhere down the line will go to image. I want some more equipment so i get the best out of the telescope, i love looking at nebulae and planets mainly.

Should i go for a barlow i have 2 in mind 1 is the Celestron ultima and the other is the TeleVue Powermate 2.5x

I want to view the sun and wondered if this would be alright the AstroZap Baader Solar Filter also do you need the Baader Solar Continuum Filter as well?

I want more filters mainly for nebulae and planets and wondered if these are any good i want 2 and will pay around £60 each hopefully less. UHC-S Filter - Contrast Booster Filter - Neodymium filter. What make is the best? i have heard the lumicon is the best but whats second best?

When i finally get round to images is the NexImage any good? I know this telescope isn’t the best with the vibration problem but i don’t what to spend a lot on a imager to get pretty much the same result.

If you think i can of anything else i need please tell me i need all the help i can get.

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Looks like you are pretty much already set.

I can't see a barlow being needed as the Hyperion Zoom will already have the high power planetary viewing covered. With the Hyperion set at 8mm the scope will give 250x, which is already more than most nights will allow. The barlow will come in handy when you get the planetary imaging underway.

You have the OIII filter, so that's the nebula covered. OIII works really well, i had the Skywatcher OIII, nice filter. Great for planetary nebula, really makes them pop out. And perfect for the Veil but you'll need to invest in a 2" widefield eyepiece plus a 2" diagonal (if your Williams Optics isn't already a 2").

Galaxies demand just one thing.........dark skies from a good dark sky site. There is no other solution available, just have to find a dark site. Amazing what a difference it makes. Galaxies such as M33 or M51, which are so hard to see from a light polluted backgarden, are impossible to miss.

The Neximage camera is overpriced for what it is. You can buy an equally capable camera for £10, it's called the Philips SPC880NC. There's more details about it on the forum.

But basically, just enjoy the fab setup you have. :)

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