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EQ3 Pro SynScan


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Hello SGL people,

I have been thinking about buying a EQ3 Pro SynScan mount.

I have been informed that there can be a problem with the DEC drive and Auto Guilding Port? It has been talked about on SGL before but I cannot find any reference to the subject (yet), could somebody please put me in the right direction so I can have a look for myself.

Hopefully these problems will have been sorted out?


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Hi S.A.M.

To be honest mate, If you suspect slight faults on the EQ-3 mount, then I think you should purhase better mount.

I've heard there is model up from the EQ-3 called the NEQ-3, which apparently is much more robust and studier, little bit expensive but better quality.

However I have a SW 127 Mak and I was continplating in getting the NEQ-3, until I was advised in just getting the EQ-5 mount instead.

So I followed the advice, And I'm glad I did, for alittle bit extra for the EQ-5, it's much more better than the EQ-3 and later you can fit bigger optical tubes upto 8inches later on.

EQ-5 GOTO £449


EQ-3 GOTO £387


I've tried to find more prices at FLO website for the NEQ-3 however they did have advertise but it's not on the website now.

If you look at the price difference there's not much difference, and for alittle bit extra, I think you should go for the EQ-5 anyway. But it's up to you S.A.M.

What do you think?????

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Hi Party Marty,

Thank you for the reply.

It might seem strange but I was wanting to go down in size, I all ready have an EQ6 with a 127mm refractor. Sometimes I find these items on the heavy side and do not want to take them out. It was more of a grab and go set up, I am looking to get a 80mm refractor to go with the mount.

Hope this makes sense and thank you for your input.


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There is a fix being tested... so hopefully it will be avaiable soon... it's likely to be a firmware fix that will require swapping the MC...

The two mounts I tried both had the problem. Apart from that I love the mount as my portable setup... I only use it PA'd using the built in polarscope with DSLR's at FL up to 200mm



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