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EQ3-2 on the way!!....how do I attach DSLR?

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Evening folks.

Been driving myself mad the last week deciding what my first telescope/mount should be, staying up late reading astro forum's + "making every photon count" (excellent book) untill my eyes hurt! I want to have a dabble at astrophotography once I'm settled with everything so obviously its important that I have a motor driven EQ mount. The problem is my budget limits me to approx £250-300 max for scope and mount and motors, so that kinda ruled out anything more than and EQ2........

However, I found one today on ebay (skywatcher EQ3-2) complete with polar scope and drive motors so I put in a bid and won it for £122! this seems good value to me!???

So now I'm left with £150 for the OTA + DSLR T connection etc. Any suggestions on OTA would be much appreciated, I'm swaying toward the Explorer 150P......but maybe a bit to much for the EQ3???

My main question is - What do I need to fit my Canon 500D directly to the EQ mount? Im thinking of starting my photography without a scope for now trying not to get ahead of myself to much (as suggested in steve's book).

Any help appreciated!

Thanks, Stan.

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Stan, I agree with Billy... a length of dovetail, a ball head and just the camera and a lens... See what you can do with that.

As for an OTA, I think you probably want to be looking at a reasonably short tube, light weight OTA. I don't know what the weight limit of the 3-2 is, but the Celetron 80ED (if you can get one) weighs about 2.5 Kg, so with camera is about 3 Kg..

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I got all the roof timbers drawn up on CAD and then had them laser cut from 19mm exterior grade ply also made the dome rings out of interlocking segments the same way with the mortices for the roof timbers in them

There was an earlier roof which had a zenith hole and 2 segments removable but this meant I was forever having to go out and tweak the dome durign an imaging session.. this one alows 60 degrees clear FOV from Horizon to +130 degrees

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Thanks guy's, sorry to sound stoooopid, but how do i attatch the bar to the mount and the ball head to the bar? will I need to drill my own holes in the bar and source the correct bolts??

I also forgot to mention, Whilst I have the kit 18-55mm lens for wide field stuff, I also have the 55-250 IS lens. Has the 250 got enough reach for the likes of M42, Or will this just apear as a bright smudge?? What else are potential targets within this focal range?

Also still gathering info on what OTA to get, I get the impression that a reflector will not be as good for photography??

I can't really afford an APO frac yet, Would i get acceptable results from somthing like a SkyWatcher Startravel....maybe with fringe killer filter??



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