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A good friday


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Thought it wasn't going to be a good day today as I got woke up at 5am by my cats arguing with a neighbours cat. Decided to get up and see them off, on going outside I was amazed by an incredible bright light in the sky.

I thought this might be Venus and as I haven't seen it through my scope (like my bed too much) I decided to get the scope out. I also knew that Saturn would be up and I haven't seen that either, again, like my bed too much.

First off had a look at Venus which looked amazing, I couldn't believe how bright it was with just a small cresent phase, couldn't see any detail (believe I need a filter) but still looked really good and another planet off the check list.

Checked Google Sky map (too early to bother with Laptop) for location of Saturn and found it up and too the right of Venus. I know people say there is a wow factor when observing Saturn for the first time but omg wow. Located first with my 32mm Panaview then switched to my SW 10mm. Was amazed to see the rings, cloud bands and I believe 2 moons.

Spent the next hour switching between Venus and Jupiter, as some cloud covered one I moved onto the other.

Eventually daylight came but my wife just managed to see both planets when she got up for work and she wowed at Saturn, not that impressed with Venus though.

Have to wait for xmas to get my BGO 6mm then hopefully will see more detail.

All in all a good start to friday thanks to my noisy cats :)

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Congrats on your great start to the day. I was up too looking at the same things. Sky was perfect. Crisp and clear, great seeing, really steady.

Good to see the rings opening again and to see Cassini division clearly again too.

That BGO 6mm will be a cracking eyepiece.

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That's a super start to the day. I was out too on Venus. Quite a magical crescent I thought - and so big in the eyepiece too

Not just me then, I couldn't believe the size of the cresent in the EP. I was expecting a cresent the same size as Jupiter

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