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  1. Saw 30 last night betweem 10:30pm and 01:30am. About 10 of these were WOW but gave up when the DSLR had dew forming on the front element and the fact that I had to get up at 6am for work. Caught none with the DSLR, either they were out of the FOV or they happened between exposures; typical. Will it be any good tonight as it's past its peak?
  2. Geno

    Hello from Cyprus

    Welcome to the forum. Where in Cyprus are you. I live in Akrotiri near Limassol
  3. Thanks for the info Steve, Yes there is a lot more to budget for on both systems after the initial outlay. I just read that ideally you need 2 tripod heads to use with the Polarie. I think it would be fine with a DSLR and a light wide lens but it looks like it would be at it's limit with a full frame DSLR and a F2.8 zoom lens let alone a small refractor. The Astrotrac looks like the way to go for me but that could change by the time the funds are available after I have fixed the car
  4. And she only needs one handbag
  5. Thanks for the all the info Peter,. Have to admit I did look at the EQ3-Pro as it could then double as a grab-and-go for when I eventually buy a small refractor, but then I am getting less portable. The Vixen and Ioptron appealed to me because I could throw it into the camera bag or glove box for impromtu widefield imaging when we get lost in the middle of Cyprus somewhere (which we often do). I think I will have to look more into the Astrotrac as it seems like a nice bit of kit and then work out exactly what other kit I will need from there.
  6. Probably a bit late but I read somewhere last week about the 600 rule which is basicly 600 divided by the focal length of your lens so your Samyang should get you about 42 secs before star trailing starts to appear. To be safe some people suggest a 500 rule so my 24mm ended up with an exposure of 20 secs. I did attempt 25 secs but was not happy with the small amount of trailing that started to appear. High ISO noise on the 6D is supposed to be comparable with the 5dMk3 so I found an ISO of 3200 works well, and a sturdy tripod, mirror lock up and use a wireless/remote trigger.
  7. The Astrotrac certainly looks good but I am a bit confused with all the options. i.e. you have the main Astrotrac then do you need to buy the compact head, wedge, vixen saddle and polar scope. If so it then becomes a much more expensive option than the other two.
  8. The 5DMk3 is an amazing camera in a lot of ways especially the low noise high ISO, which is one of the main reasons I bought it; with astrophotography in the back of my mind. That filter looks good but if I am going to get into the widefield stuff then I am needing a wider, faster prime (maybe Samyang 14mm) and I am looking into either the Astrotrac, Vixen Polarie or the Ioptron Startracker? as the EQ6 is a bit of a beast to lug to obscure places.
  9. Thanks all. After a poor attempt the night before at my favourite shipwreck due to light pollution, I knew this would be a dark site and was well happy to find th MW between these small cliffs
  10. Finally got to a dark site and captured this. Canon 5dMk3, F/4, 20s, ISO 3200 Milky Way (1 of 1) by Geno33, on Flickr
  11. Are astronomers the only people to wish the summer to end? Still got a couple of months of summer in Cyprus, but at least it gets dark earlier.
  12. Yes, noticed not a lot has changed. I take it tv delos are new ep's from Televue. That application looks really good, will have to give that a try. Connected the laptop to the mount yesterday and surprisingly everything worked straight away. Eqmod, PHD, APT, Sharpcap, CdC, 5Dmk3, QHY5 and SPC900 and even my cheap joypad for controlling the mount. Either I was lucky or I haven't forgot everything. Forgot to mention I had to change jobs as well and that was before the financial crisis hit, but at least I jumped before I was pushed.
  13. Just looked at a planishpere, couple of nice globulars in Hercules - M13, M92
  14. Thanks Terry, Some things coming back to me when you mention Lyra, double double and M57 close by which I always liked to look at
  15. Well after 20 months away from astronomy it’s time to dust of the cobwebs (literally) from my scope and start again. I looked at my last post in this forum and it was in Oct 2011 and I couldn’t believe how long it’s been since using my scope properly, I have taken it out a couple of times but only to get a quick glimpse of the moon. I suppose thinking about it we had a bad winter in 2011 which lasted until April 2012, we then had to move house in the summer, then another winter and with all the DIY and modifications to the new house I just felt too drained to get the scope out. I have been refreshing my memory on this forum for the last few days and have set up my laptop with all the astro programs I used to use. Today I will connect it all to the mount and make sure everything still works and hopefully there will be clear skies (no dust hopefully) this weekend. I plan on doing a full collimation and try to get the dust and cobwebs out of the OTA with an air duster. I think for the next couple of weeks/months I will concentrate on visual and maybe try to image Saturn with a webcam (is it still up?). I will try to find my spreadsheet with all the Messiers and NGC’s and start again trying to find as many as I can. Maybe then I can see how the imaging goes with my 5Dmk3 as I had a 550D before that got donated to the father-in-law. Any suggestions for good things to look for this weekend to re-spark the interest?
  16. I have the same setup as Luke's above and it works fine. All you need is an additional dovetail bar like the one you should have already (33.5cm). Additionally I think it makes the whole setup seem a bit more rigid. I do like Olly's suggestion above though as it would make Dec balancing a lot easier.
  17. Initialy when starting out I focused the DSLR on the moon and marked the draw tube where the focus point was, it just needed tweaking in live view to get focus, zooming in on a bright star and focusing for the tightest star. As Olly said above I now use a homemade Y mask and focus with live view zoomed in to get the best focus possible. I would then, with M31, up the ISO to 3200 and take a 5 sec exposures to line up M31 in the centre of the chip. A lot easier now using Goto. Using CdC and EQMOD to perfectly align and sync bright stars around the target, then when I goto the object it is in the centre of the FOV.
  18. Hi, if it is this one (your link not working on my system for some reason), then it should be fine on your 250. Just fitted one to my 200P and achieving focus with a DSLR (550D) is no problem.
  19. Most nights, because I work during the week. During the week I go out at night when going for a smoke and look up at the wonder of it all. The wife kind of gets it, which is a bonus. She doesn't get it tonight though. I am sat with 2 laptops watching graphs and listening to ELO, RUSH, Thin Lizzy, Paul Weller and The Mission but it's only 2:30 in the morning so I may get some order to the music
  20. If you can afford it then go for the NEQ6. The HEQ5 is supposed to be a good bit of kit but as said by Keiran the 200PDS plus guide scope camera etc would be happier on the EQ6. Yes it is heavy but if you take the weights off it is manageable. For me my mount upgrade was a significant expense but I now have a mount which is future proof, for a while at least, and for me buying in Cyprus it was a couple of hundred Euros more as well.
  21. Agree with the above although there is some image shift when tightening the focus lock but have found no problems with this after my initial concerns. I used a bit of foam from my camping mat left over from making the dew shield to fill in the gaps from the focuser baseplate to OTA and that seems to work fine.
  22. I wondered what that noise was, thought the thunder was coming in early.
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