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I am at the moment gathering some data for PEC in PecPrep but I would like a bit of confirmation...... Am I correct in saying that once PEC is enabled I can still loosen the clutches on the mount, say to rebalance when I put the camera on? The only thing I cannot do is move the mount electronically (with the handset for example) as EQMod would then loose the sync position with the mount?

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Another question, I enabled the log file in PHD but cannot find it, anybody know where it is located?

"My Documents" ?

If you're using PHD remember to create an EQASCOM timestamp during your log capture (or just after by with the mount still tracking). That way PECPRep can synchronise the PHD data with the RA motor position when building the PEC file. Also when you load the PECfile into EQASCOM make sure the PEC gain is set to x1 (I have a feeling it defaults to 0 which is effectively disabled)


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