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Stellarium for iPhone

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Does anyone know of a web page that will walk me through using Stellarium on the iPhone? I've installed it but have some some trouble using it.

Does it interact with the compass and GPS functions built into the iPhone? If I'm in a location looking at the sky without equipment I'd like to be able to look at Stellarium and get information about what I'm seeing. In trying to do so, I found myself having to go to my compass app then back to Stellarium where I then had difficulty getting the view of the sky in sync with the compass headings.

I realize that my description of the use is poor, but I'm certain that there are things that would make it far easier if I knew them.


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I don't have a tutorial, but it does work with the internal GPS, at least on the 4.

Just hold it up to the sky and move round and it'll show you what's up there. To zoom in, pinch your thumb and index finger together, place on the object to zoom and then open them out, still touching the screen (took me a while to work that one out!)

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Thank you all for the replies!

I've spent more time reading the PDF manual for the PC version of Stellarium (which IS different and has a different support web page) which led me to using the iPhone app more easily.

After coming inside where I was less distracted, I spent more time with the iPhone - mine's a 4 - and discovered that it would track to the direction pointed. I've yet to find a way to turn on some of the same features that are in the full version, but I'm finding it more useful as I gain familiarity with it.

On the subject of Stellarium generally, does anyone know of a way to control the display characteristics in the PC version of the the information displayed when one selects an object in the sky and clicks on it? I'm referring to the pop-up information that appears in the upper left corner of my screen.

I find that the dark background and white colored typeface are difficult to read even sitting inside. Outside it's doubly difficult. I'm sure that younger eyes don't have the problem; however, we who are more senior need to be able to increase the size or control the background in the pop-up.

Any hints? I've not found anything yet in the manual or on the web.

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