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  1. Hi thanks to everyone who replied Hi Steve yeah unfortunately I have to keep it outside as I am disabled and can't dismantle it myself as you said I was always concerned but hadn't noticed any issues until this year maybe it's just been the perpetual damp winters up here although I do use the dessicants inside it etc and never covered the lens or the scope up damp anyway sorry I didn't email you first as I thought because it was out of warranty I would need to contact the manufacturer. I realise that the optics would never be as good as new but I really love the scope and would never get rid of it anyway it's given me some lovely views of the sky, I'll drop you a line via your official email at your website and we can see what the best thing to do is I mean if there is no way for me to clean it as a amateur then I don't see the point in me trying but I don't want it to get any worse at the moment It's not affecting night time viewing but in twilight I'm sure I can see a shadow in the top right round about where the what looks like fungus is.
  2. I believe the word should be 'collimation' sorry the dreaded auto text correction strikes again!
  3. Howdy as some of you may know I think I may have fungus on the inside of my WO FLT 110 triplet I decided to contact William Optics as well regarding the issue and they have advised that I would need to remove the lens to inspect the inside of the front lens and if there is an issue they have advised if I couldn't/didn't want to clean it myself I could contact the dealer I bought it from who was FLO and if they could not clean it then it would be sent to WO. I didn't realise it would be a matter of actually removing the lens I thought the whole thing would go back if this was necessary they have advised me how to remove the lens apparently there is a black coloured ring at the end of the dew shield this has to be unscrewed and then you will be able to remove the dew shield and see the lens which can then be removed. To say I'm a bit nervous about doing this is an understatement ?if I do this then won't it affect the collocation of the telescope i.e. Just say for example I was able to remove it clean it and screw it back in surely it's not as straight forward as that? Would the scope not have to be realigned as it's a triplet? Sorry if I'm not understanding this correctly cheers Carolyn
  4. Thanks again all have got all the info now looks like I will go for the Quark set up sorry one last question I have a battery pack from Maplin that I use to power my scope can I use that to power the Quark cheers Carolyn
  5. Sorry is that a 2" diagonal or 1.25" for example can I use my 2" diagonal with a 1.25" adapter that's what I do at the moment for my normal viewing
  6. Ha ha sorry bit of a 'blonde' moment there assuming only WO make a 110 although it does look similar ? Great pictures thanks! Am leaning more toward this set up rather than a separate Solar scope well unless my lottery numbers come up. So do you keep the front cover on until you are ready to view then take it off then is that better for the scope ? cheers Carolyn
  7. Nice setup your 110 might be slightly different from mine is there something on the front lens or is it the lens cap on because you're not using it at that point ? If that's the case and you have nothing on the front when observing if you get a chance could you take a pic to show me how the quark is set up with you're diagonal i.e. Do you have a filter over the diagonal where it goes in to the telescope and then the quark at the other end sorry for being so basic ? To answer one of the previous points I don't have any experience of actually looking through a solar telescope in HA but I'm farmiliar with images taken in it from NASA's site etc and being interested in solar dynamics with several books on the Sun I think I have a rough idea of how things should appear I know it's not a substitute for actual experience plus I have you guys so if I thought there was something amiss you would point me in the right direction! Carolyn
  8. Thanks Phil will have a look if I'm not sure I'll probably not prefer to touch anything will just contact FLO and see how/if it can be sent of to be professionally cleaned thanks again for all your advice!
  9. Hi Phil so if understanding this correctly clean the front lens if that doesn't work then this part can be removed to clean the back of that lens but don't touch anything else ? It is out of warranty or of course send it off to be professionally cleaned I bought it from FLO so perhaps they would know what to do
  10. Howdy philj I bought some of the wonder fluid to carefully give the lens a clean now I wasn't aware an amateur like myself could remove the front lens to clean ? Sounds a pretty scary thing to do as it's a WO air spaced triplet would me removing it not cause issues with the alignment etc sorry if these seem really daft questions I e only ever removed a lens once and that was on my first telescope a Vixen super Polaris 80 ? I mean if it's safe to do it then it's not an issue it must never occurred to me I could do such a thing cheers Carolyn
  11. Thanks Gordon ? I'm still weighing up the pros and cons of either going for the Quark set up or just being patient saving up and going for a dedicated solar scope I like the look of the Lunt 60 'Thanks again to all for all your help and advice it's been much appreciated!
  12. Thanks Dave So does the filter screw in to the bottom part of the diagonal and the quark in to the top if you're using one ?
  13. Thanks there is a filter for sale on FLO's website a Baader UV/IR Cut Filter is this the thing you mean? Also where does this go on the telescope sorry if this is obvious I'm not totally clued up on solar ? so if I'm understanding correctly does this mean if you use the Quark then you don't need to put something over the main front lens of the WO triplet cheers Carolyn
  14. Thanks for all your replies very informative! I'm assuming you have all had no issues with your Quark's? As after reading the in depth review on the site the reviewer seemed to have had quite a few issues for something that is not cheap (I understand that in terms of buying an equal solar scope it is though) also it is recommended on the site that if your scope is over 3 inches mine being 110 then you need something on the front as well? As obviously I don't want to damage the scope and also most importantly be safe! I see also that Bader make a thing you can use as well but this is to view the Sun in white light as opposed to Hydrogen Alpha hope I've got this right! if you went for the Bader one would you again need something ober the front lens sorry for all the questions! Looking at the potential cost though if you do need to get one of these filters for the front by the time you've bought everything it would seem to me me you wouldn't be far off the cost of say a dedicated solar scope like the Lunt 60 for example ?
  15. I guess the question says it all I was looking at buying a dedicated solar scope for viewing the Sun but I see with some refractors that solar lenses etc can be added to existing scopes to make them suitable for both does anyone know if this is possible with this scope or because it's a triplet would that cause issues. thanks Carolyn
  16. Thanks again for all your comments and advice have put more of the pouches in the scope as recommended have put a couple in the diagonal that is capped and attatched to the scope for good measure as well as the ones inside the front cap on the lens also had the scope out in the sunshine for a few hours. Was out last night and was slightly worried as while it was light and I was trying to get the moon in my sight thought I could see something through the eyepiece at the top right had corner but it was while I was trying to get focused so not sure if I was catching the edge of the roof out of focus as the moon and Jup are very low later when I was out observing everything seemed to be fine stars were nice pinpoints and Jup was really lovely in moments of good seeing lots of detail very clear bands which was good as again it's really low for me now from my Skyshed and is close to house roofs etc so that's affecting things so fingers crossed everything seems ok so will just keep an eye on things worst case scenario I guess I would have to see about it getting professionally cleaned but I guess that would cost me a fair few bucks but I really love this scope!
  17. Hi ' thanks again folks ? I bought a big bag of them and rotate them think I'll maybe put a few in rather than just a couple as they are quite small
  18. Thanks will do. Potentially weather might be clear tonight so will give the scope a spin if so and tomorrow if sunny will get it out during the day do any of you use the little desiccant pouches inside the front lens like the ones that come with the telescope?
  19. Thanks guys Have ordered the Bader fluid so when arrives will blow/brush off dust and give a clean and see what's showing with regards to the inside about using sunlight to help do you take the front lens cover off and leave bottom open and point directly at the sun? Or is it just a matter of having the telescope out on a sunny day?
  20. Hi because of my disability I have to keep my scope inside my SkyShed it is ventilated and the scope is covered as I'm not able to disassemble it after each viewing session. It's a WO TMB FLT triplet 110 I didn't notice any viewing issues the last time I used it but it was quite a while ago. That weekend there where we had the nice weather I was giving the shed a tidy cleaning my eyepieces etc and just popped the cover off the objective lens and got a shock as the inside appears to have a lot of 'stuff' which Iooks as if it could be fungus I do have those little desiccation things inside the cover for moisture obviously I'm a bit concerned I am attaching a pic. Im I going to have to get this specialist cleaned obviously I don't have the experience to take this apart in fact I'm not sure you can take it apart anyway. The first decent night we have I will take a look through it and see if it's affecting things visually I did buy it with eventually looking to use it for photography whenIhave the time to learn. If I really have to bring it in to stop this getting worse then I could get my son to give me a hand but obviously it would make things a lot more difficult when I wanted to do some observing I would appreciate any advice.
  21. Well just in first night out with the Helios Q4's and tripod, weather was pants but when I did get a break in the clouds really really enjoyed the view some lovely star fields, forgot how nice it is just to sit and wander around the sky and is very easy with the binos can totally see how some people spend a fortune on high end kit. With regards to performance I'm by no means an expert on this type of set up but I would say for the money I spent £260 odds for the Q4's and £99 for the tripod I'm very pleased with my purchase there was a bit of false colour especially with very bright stars like Vega but I guess that would be expected with binos of this quality I didn't want to fork out £600 plus for the latest Helios at this size in case it wasn't for me but I'm hooked can't wait to get a really good sky when I can pick and choose. Loveliest thing I saw was Alberio the two stars were like wee jewels with the colours really clear, tripod performed ok was a bit of movement but these binos are heavy but on the whole was fine easy to move around and a really nice grab and go set up when I don't feel like setting up the refractor. So roll on some better skies!
  22. Well have just come out and set up and needless to say it's now got a bit cloudy! but I'll hold out a bit watch this space....
  23. Thanks for getting back it's the Helios quantum 4 IF thanks for the links I'm not to handy DIY ha ha which was why I was wondering if those two other ways would be better but I'll certainly check the links out thanks guys!
  24. Howdy just purchased the above set up for chilling out and enjoying some nice wide field views of the sky have managed to put everything together ok but was wondering is there a better way of mounting these binos to this mount ie have seen some things like Farsight bino mount or a Helios L type bracket are any of these worth a purchase? Do they make things more stable? cheers
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