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Preparing a caravan for a star party


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I'll be taking my caravan to the Kelling Heath bash next week - my first ever Star Party. Any tipe on how to prepare it? I suppose the windows need to be blacked out somehow, the blinds are solid but will probably leaks around the edges.

Any info from experienced folks most welcome.


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Took mine to SSP and there was no light leak from around the windows with curtains and blinds down. A long expsosure DSLR image of the set up from in front of the caravan showed the area bathed in light from the mount LED, power supply LED, laptop and ambient campsite lights but not a peep from the caravan.

Have a look in advance and see what it is like. You could be quite surprised.

Otherwise the mandatory red coverings (I used suitable shopping bags for a while) but you can get rolls of it. Keep fewest lights on inside and if possible drop to a lower wattage bulb. Given the amount of light that will sneak from a tent I cant see there being much problem. Depends on how fussy yourt neighbours are too.

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The main issue as I see it, is when you open the caravan door with the interior lights on :o. If you have an awning as we do, use a red light, ours is on old darkroom light ideal for tinkering about under cover but not harming anyones night vision. The solid window blinds are fine.

See you next week.


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