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Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian & Drift


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Hey guys,

Wasn't sure if this or equipment discussions was the place to ask my question, so if this is the wrong place I apologize.

I'm waiting for my Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian to be delivered (currently out of stock so will be a week or so yet sadly). Ultimately I'd like to get into imaging, as yet, I've not bought a camera. My plan is to spend a year or so learning the basics before investing further.

So, my question....

I understand that due to the Earth's rotation, prolonged exposures will suffer from drift and the resulting image will not be as expected. Is it possible to mount the 200P on a different platform that allows auto-tracking? If so (and this is where the noob question comes in), when the base tracks while the shutter is open, doesn't it still cause blurred images or is the movement so slow/gentle as not to have an impact? Also, does the supplied dob mount need to be replace or can it simply attach to an additional platform?

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You can mount it on an EQ6 mount mate, I've mounted my 250px dob onto an eq6 without issue. It moves, if set up correctly, polar aligned and tracking :p which will greatly reduce or illiminate the trailing.

Only thing i will say is that you may need to change the focuser for a low profile one as most dslr's fail to reach focus on the old r&p ones.

Also, with regards to astro imaging with a dob on the normal base, you'll be lucky to get more than 2 seconds without trailing unfortunately.

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i asked this self same question when i got my 300p.... the solution is an EQ6 and mount it on that with tube rings and a drive motor. The movement is equal to the rotation of the earth through space so hardly noticable but it will keep the scope stationary at whatever you point it at (as long as your polar aligned). Couple of points to bear in mind. The weight of an EQ6 and 200 will be quite large so if u have a bad back u may have to reconsider. The height of a newtonian mounted on an equatorial mount will be high, so u may need stepladders to get up to the eyepiece unless you go down the fully automatic webcam/ laptop route... There is a thread on sgl about this and several members have done this with a newt

Id be interested on feedback on the new goto dobs and see if some bright spark can come up with a tracking solution for a dob based newt... we'll see

Whatever you choose, good luck, i started out again this year after a long break away from astronomy with bins first then a 60mm followed by a 70mm refractor to learn the basics then splashed out on my 300... initially deep sky drew me but im leaning towards doubles at the moment which are fascinating and lovely at the same time

Keep us posted what happens

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