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8" newt + EOS problem

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Right... Last night I have finally taken some test shots with my new EOS 1000D on my 8" Celestron newt (the scope type, not the animal..).

This has raised a huge number of new questions that - before yesterday - I had no idea could be asked.... ;-)

One of them is of a mechanical nature.

I bought an EOS T-Ring plus one 1.25" and one 2" T-Mount. These are all fairly low profile. However, the Skywatcher-style draw tube to 2" adapter has a rather high profile and is simply too long to achieve focus with the EOS.

I then remembered having read somewhere that the skywatcher draw tube adapters have a T-Thread. There isn't one on the 2" adapter but there is one on the 1.25", which requires unscrewing the 1.25" barrel from the adapter and replacing it with the EOS T-Ring.

This has worked fine and I had about half an inch of inward travel left when the EOS was in focus. Great, I though, problem solved.

Not quite... The problem is that with this solution I have (seen) no way of attaching a 2" filter.

Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this problem? I think the best way would be to find a lower profile version of the skywatcher-style 2" draw tube adapter and then use that with the T-Ring and T-Mount I bought. I wasn't able to find anything like that, though.

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I think we should raise a petition to demand that Skywatcher change the design of their focusers.......enough is enough. No more of these stupid adapters. So many threads now that all come back to the same thing.

Right rant over. Not sure how you could overcome your filter problem. Would the all in one T-adapter and nose piece get you any closer than the seperate items?

Astro Engineering Max DSLR 2 inch camera adaptor (for Canon, Nikon & Pentax)

Or how about trying to move the primary mirror up the tube by collimating it with more screw turns.

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I've seen this direct adapter but I think it looks exactly the same (length-wise) as the 2 separate pieces put together.

The problem is that the 2" focuser adapter is longer than the remaining inward travel. So any solution would have to exclude that adapter totally. Now, if someone would make the same adapter but as short as the 1.25" without the eyepiece barrel, that would be excellent...

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