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Hope you had a good night!


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Just got in from observing and imaging the Moon tonight what a fantastic evening it's been with our close friend the Moon aw some views from the 5" TS frac managed to use 2x 2 barlows and a 9mm ep WOW brilliant views really took my breath away something Ive not felt in a long time.

Even had a visit from a neighbours cat who was more than happy to sit near me drinking some milk i placed for him and being stroked whilst sat down observing Luna.

Rambling over :wink: time for a cuppa Tea and Toast oh and process some pics.

James :grin:

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New camera has arrived :D:wink::grin::lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink::grin::lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1: :clouds1:

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